Swift Action Opens Doors

[Officials with Lambert family at the Arbor at Centerbrook Apartments]
Yessenia Lambert and her daughter (center) with HUD, Schertz Housing Authority and San Antonio Methodist Ministries team at the Arbor at Centerbrook Apartments.

Last September 2017, Yessenia Lambert's life was turned upside-down after Hurricane Harvey forced her family to evacuate their home. Yessenia and her 15-month old daughter made a temporary home at a San Antonio hotel with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assistance. Sadly, she and her young child were without a home again when the temporary assistance expired.

Experiencing homelessness and unsure where to go, Yessenia called HUD's San Antonio Field Office for help. She connected with Public and Indian Housing (PIH) Revitalization Specialist Simona Berrellessa and Community Planning and Development (CPD) Representative Valerie Reed-Sweed who worked quickly to secure a Housing Choice Voucher and a required security deposit for Yessenia.

Thanks to swift coordination with the Schertz Housing Authority, San Antonio Methodist Ministries and the Arbor at Centerbrook Apartments, Yessenia and her daughter opened the door to their home 10 days after calling HUD. Just another example of how HUD makes a huge difference in the lives of those impacted by disaster! Learn how HUD helps during disasters.


Content Archived: January 22, 2020