HUD Finds a Family a Home in Houston

[HUD Disaster Team members with Ms. Verna Chaisson]
Disaster Team Lead Anthony Landecker (middle) and Verna Chaisson (lower middle) surrounded by the Houston, Texas-based HUD Disaster Team

Rebuilding one's life after a major weather event is tough. Having to care for additional family members after the storm adds to the difficulty. This is the situation Houston, Texas resident Verna Chaisson faced after Hurricane Harvey. Verna and her family were ready to move on after the hurricane when her two grandchildren came to live with her.

The voucher Verna had did not cover the expanded family's housing needs. With the help of HUD Disaster Team Lead and Public and Indian Housing (PIH) Portfolio Management Specialist Tony Landecker, Verna was reissued a larger voucher from the Houston Housing Authority. So excited over the news, Verna came to the Houston field office to meet and personally thank Tony as well as the HUD Disaster Team.

Verna and her grandchildren have happily settled into their larger apartment. Learn how HUD helps during disasters.


Content Archived: January 22, 2020