LifeNet Opens Homeless Facility

A few more homeless individuals in the Dallas area can now rest easy thanks to the opening of the Caldwell Group Home, a collaboration of HUD funds and community involvement. Over two years ago Allen Taylor heard that LifeNet helped persons with mental illness and he decided to donate a vacant lot that been in his family for years. This lot, combined with Section 811 funding arranged by the Fort Worth Multifamily HUD office, formed a partnership to enable the construction of this brand new, six-bedroom group home for individuals with mental illness.

Dallas Mayor Laura Miller praised the Caldwell Group Home project by saying, "Homes such as this one fulfill a vital need in the community. We look forward to expanding our role, working together with you (LifeNet) and agencies like yours to address the issues of the homeless and the mentally ill." LifeNet Executive Director, Ms. Betts Hoover, also expressed her appreciation and hopes that LifeNet would be able to collaborate further with the City of Dallas and HUD to build more group homes that will serve more homeless individuals with mental illness.

Also excited about the Caldwell Home grand opening was "Michael" one of the new residents of this six-bedroom group home. "I feel so lucky to be here," he said. "Before, it was hard to remember to take my medications when I didn't know where I would be from one day to the next or what I would eat." Now, after eight years on the street, Michael can begin rebuilding his life. Thanks to the commitment LifeNet has shown the community, five more residents just like Michael will now have a home and will no longer have to sleep on the street or in a shelter.

LifeNet Community Behavioral Healthcare was founded and incorporated in Dallas, Texas in 1977 as a nonprofit organization under the name Phoenix House and has provided psychiatric rehabilitation services for persons with mental illness for over 20 years. The agency was renamed LifeNet in 1998. For several years they have made a difference in Dallas County by providing comprehensive services to homeless persons with severe mental illness, offering them housing and treatment paid in part by grants from HUD.

Such partnerships will greatly benefit all Dallas citizens, while giving the less fortunate and underserved a second chance at life. HUD Officials also participating in the Caldwell Group Home celebration included Louis G. Ybarra, Region VI Supervisory Operations Officer, William Weathersby, Multifamily Construction Analyst, Charlotte Mitchell, Multifamily Project Manager, and Lisa Wright, Multifamily Project Manager. Other HUD officials instrumental in development of the Caldwell Group Home included Ray Carson, Director of the Fort Worth Multifamily Program Center, and Joseph Pennel, Fort Worth Multifamily Supervisory Project Manager.

Content Archived: July 22, 2011