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November 16, 2011

Austin, Beaumont, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio Receive Grants

FORT WORTH - More very low-income senior citizens and persons with disabilities in Texas will have access to affordable supportive housing thanks to $29,782,900 in housing assistance announced today by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These grants will help eight non-profit organizations produce accessible housing, offer rental assistance, and facilitate supportive services for the elderly and persons with disabilities.

The grant funding awarded under HUD's Sections 202 and 811 Supportive Housing programs will kick start
construction or major rehabilitation nationally for more than 170 housing developments in 42 different states and Puerto Rico. A detailed summary of the Texas grants follows.

"The Obama Administration is committed to helping our senior citizens and persons with disabilities find a decent, affordable place to live that is close to needed healthcare services and transportation," said HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan. "Recent bipartisan changes to these two supportive housing programs will allow us to better serve some of our more vulnerable populations who would otherwise be struggling to find a safe and decent home of their own."

HUD provides these funds to non-profit organizations in two forms:

  • Capital Advances. This is funding that covers the cost of developing, acquiring, or rehabilitating the development. Repayment is not required as long as the housing remains available for occupancy by very low-income elderly persons for at least 40 years for (under Section 202) or very low-income persons with disabilities (under Section 811).

  • Project Rental Assistance Contracts. This is funding that goes to each development to cover the difference between the residents' contributions toward rent and the cost of operating the project.

Section 202 provides very low-income elderly persons 62 years of age or older with the opportunity to live independently in an environment that provides support services to frail elderly resident. Nationally, today's Section 202 Capital Advances will provide $545 million to 97 projects in 42 States and Puerto. In addition to funding the construction, acquisition, and rehabilitation of multifamily developments, HUD's Section 202 program will also provide $54 million in rental assistance so that residents only pay 30 percent of their adjusted incomes.

HUD's Section 811 program provides housing for households with one or more very low-income individuals with a disability. Nationally, today's Section 811 Capital Advances will provide $137 million to assist very low-income persons with disabilities through 92 projects in 35 states. An additional $12.6 million will be available for project rental assistance contracts.

Most of the housing supported through the Section 811 Program will be newly constructed, typically small apartment buildings, group homes for three to four persons, or condominium units that are integrated into the larger community. Residents will pay 30 percent of their adjusted income for rent and the federal government will pay the rest.

Under this program at least one person must be 18 years or older and have a physical or developmental disability or chronic mental illness. The program provides persons with disabilities the opportunity to live independently in their communities by increasing the supply of rental housing with the availability of supportive services.

Residents for both programs must be "very low income" with household incomes less than 50 percent of their median for that area. However, most households that receive Section 811 or Section 202 assistance earn less than 30 percent of the median for their area. Generally, this means that a one-person household will have an annual income
of about $13,500.

Texas projects receiving grants:

Section 202 - Supportive Housing for the Elderly

Project Location: Dallas, TX
Non-Profit Sponsor: Juliette Fowler Homes, Inc.
Capital Advance: $3,758,200
Three-year rental subsidy: $386,100
Number of units: 36

Project Description: Juliette Fowler Homes is a 36 one-bedroom project located on a 16 1/2 acre campus in East Dallas, Texas. It will have a community room with a party kitchen, lobby, sitting room/library and laundry. This is a 3-story building with an elevator. There will be many services provided for the residents, such as meal and transportation services, health care services, volunteer opportunities, etc.

Project Location: Houston, TX
Non-Profit Sponsor: Avenue Community Development Corporation
Capital Advance: $4,178,800
Three-year rental subsidy: $426,000
Number of units: 41

Project Description: Sponsor will use the funds to build a 40 one-bedroom residential project for very-low elderly persons. The site chosen is across the street from Moody Park Community Center which will give seniors residents a place to go to exercise and participate in activities. The Supportive Services Coordinator will help residents access services available such as computer classes, gardening, lectures, and residents can choose which services they wish to participate in according to their needs and wants. METRO light rail stop is only a block away.

Project Location: Houston, TX
Non-Profit Sponsor: Retirement Housing Foundation
Capital Advance: $6,495,300
Three-year rental subsidy: $638,700
Number of units: 61

Project Description: The funds will be used to construct a 65 unit mixed finance project for low-income elderly
persons in Houston, Texas. The project will include 64 residential units and one HUD manager unit. The project will include 4% tax credits in 2012. Special features will include emergency call systems, non-slip floor surfaces, and grab bars. The site is near shopping areas, restaurants, pharmacies, and other necessities.

Project Location: San Antonio, TX
Non-Profit Sponsor: Merced Housing Texas
Capital Advance: $3,441,400
Three-year rental subsidy: $315,000
Number of units: 33

Project Description: This 2 story design will have an elevator and all interior corridors providing a safe environment for the very low income elderly residents. It will consist of 32 one bedroom units and 1 two bedroom manger's unit. Daily regular bus services will avail the residents all the desired support services. In addition, a variety of community agencies providing supportive services are in the immediate neighborhood. The residences will be in the Mayor's East Side Initiative and will receive special support from the City.

Project Location: San Antonio, TX
Non-Profit Sponsor: Retirement Housing Foundation
Capital Advance: $5,099,200
Three-year rental subsidy: $472,200
Number of units: 49

Project Description: The property has 49 unit designed for very low income elderly. A service coordinator will be provided to assist the residents. It will have mixed financing, with 57 independent living units of which 48 are one bedroom units and 1 two bedroom manager's unit under the Section 202 program. The units will be designed under LEEDS for HOME to provide energy efficiency and sustainable living.

Section 811 – Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities

Project Location: Beaumont, TX
Non-Profit Sponsor: Spindletop MHMR Services
Capital Advance: $1,521,200
Three-year rental subsidy: $149,100
Number of units: 15

Project Description: The funds will be used to construct an additional 14 one bedroom units that will provide independent living facility under the 811 program for people with disabilities. A service Coordinator will be on-site to help residents. The housing site is conveniently located across the street from the Beaumont Outpatient Clinic which offers an outpatient treatment program. The site is also adjacent to the Beaumont Hope Center, where consumers can receive peer counseling.

Project Location: Cleveland, TX
Non-Profit Sponsor: Tri-County Mental Health Mental Retardation Servs.
Capital Advance: $1,583,800
Three-year rental subsidy: $149,100
Number of units: 15

Project Description: The funds will be used to construct an additional 14 one bedroom units that will serve adults
with chronic mental illness. Since some persons with chronic mental illness have co-existing mental retardation or substance abuse issues, this project will also provide support to individuals with a dual diagnosis of chronic mental illness and mental retardation or chronic mental illness and substance abuse if they are appropriate for independent living.

Project Location: Austin, TX
Non-Profit Sponsor: Easter Seals Central Texas
Capital Advance: $1,070,400
Three-year rental subsidy: $98,400
Number of units: 10

Project Description: Easter Seals, is acquiring 10 fully accessible condominium units for substantial rehabilitation to
be used for very low income residents with developmental/and or physical disabilities. The proposed units will be scattered throughout a larger condominium development so the residents with disabilities will be fully integrated into the community. The residents will have access to community based services, including training and employment opportunities. Metro transmit is within walking distance and provides frequent transportation.


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