Norfolk Redevelopment Housing Authority Recovery Act Implementation Helps Single Father Gain Employment and Support Young Daughters

Jason, a single father with two young daughters, had always worked hard to support his family. But recently he found himself in a tough spot. He had been laid off from his job as a plumbing and mechanical supervisor for commercial properties for four months. This was something he never thought would happen to him.

Jason found it impossible to feed his daughters, pay the mortgage, make sure the lights weren't turned off, and keep his car running so he could go after every job opportunity he heard about, on just the unemployment benefits he was receiving. To keep from losing his home, he swallowed his pride and asked for a loan from a family member, which he will repay through shared equity on the house. He signed his girls up for as many assistance programs as he could find, and kept his determination to find a way out of his desperate situation.

One job opportunity, with Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority's (NRHA) Public Housing Capital Improvement program, finally came through for him. Because of the additional Capital Improvement funding NRHA received through the Recovery Act, Jason now works as a Field Inspector for several projects underway, with more preparing to come online in the near future. He describes his new position as more than a relief, he says it is a "step forward" for him and is work he can do well and for a long time, making sure the homes and neighborhoods of Norfolk's lowest-income residents are safe, healthy and energy efficient for years to come.

NRHA's Recovery Act funding has resulted in the creation of one full time project manager, one full time inspector, and 1 full time contract administrator to manage the grant. Three firms have been hired by contract with the equivalent of 3 full time positions being retained at each firm (9 total). A road/utilities contractor has been hired creating or retaining 25 full time positions. A window installation crew has been hired creating or retaining 16 full time positions.

Content Archived: May 25, 2012