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"Bus Barns" Affordable Housing Project

[Photo 1: New rental housing units on Winooski Avenue.]
Nineteen new units of rental housing were built fronting North Winooski Avenue.
[Photo 2: Remodeled area for retail outlets and the Good News Garage.]
The Old Bus Barn front was retained for retail outlets & for the Good News Garage.

Burlington, Vermont's Bus Barns project, at the intersection of Riverside & North Winooski Avenues, gets its name from the property's original use as a terminal and maintenance facility for the city's horse-drawn carriages and buses, circa 1875-1885.

The look of the Vermont Transit site was maintained in two of the old buildings, one of which was conveniently converted to Section 811 housing to take advantage of the wide doors and level flooring. Twenty-five units of new rental housing were built and commercial space made available for a market, dry cleaners, and for the Good News Garage (http://www.goodnewsgarage.org/).

Several funding sources came together to complete the project:

  • The Burlington Community Land Trust (http://www.bclt.net/) and Housing Vermont (http://www.hvt.org) utilized HUD's HOME program funds.
  • A deferred loan came from the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board (http://www.vhcb.org/).
  • A loan from the Federal Home Loan Bank.
  • Additional funds were made available from the Historic Rehabilitation program and Low income Tax Credit Equity.

[Photo 4: Old 1875 to 1885 picture of Burlington, Vermont bus barns.]
The old bus barns, circa 1875-1885.
[Photo 3: Former trolley car house redeveloped into 6 units of housing.]
Six units of housing were created in this building that formerly housed trolley cars and is listed on the State Register of Historic Places.

Content Archived: March 21, 2011

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