They've Finally Found a Home

Photo 1: Macki family standing in front of the doorway to their home.
Macki family receiving the keys to their new home.

Amber Macki and her four young children - Haily, Aaron, Allysa and Isabella - lived in a house filled with mildew, leaky plumbing and an overflowing septic system. Her youngest child suffered respiratory distress and had to use a breathing machine. After a leaking pipe caused part of a ceiling to collapse in her baby's room, she knew she needed to move her children to a healthier home.

The family found a new home, but after they moved in they discovered the house was infested with cockroaches, wasps and mice. The children were afraid to play outside because they did not want to get stung by the wasps. They discovered the heat vents were full of garbage, which Amber cleaned as best she could, but the entire family began to get sick.

Amber had had enough. She heard about the Habitat for Humanity program and applied. Amber had recently received her GED and was studying for her AA degree. She had a steady job, and wanted more than anything to be able to provide a stable home environment for her children.

In March of 2005, Amber's family was approved for a Habitat for Humanity home. Amber says, "This was the light at the end of the tunnel that I had been looking for, for so long. I was able to work, go to school, and raise my 4 kids by myself while I put in my 500 sweat equity hours. The time I spent working on my neighbor's house and my own were very empowering. I guess I had always thought of myself as just a girl, and I was finding out that I was a lot more capable at building a house than I had imagined."

"April 15, 2006 was the day of our home dedication. It was amazing, all the people that I had become so close to, came to welcome my family into our home. I was under the impression that this day would be the peak of my Habitat experience, but that is not the case. Every day it feels better and better to see my kids happy and healthy. My youngest has had no breathing problems, she hasn't even had to use her breathing machine. We painted my 10-year-old's room pink. This might not seem like a big deal, but we had never lived in a house long enough to even put up pictures, so it was huge for us. The final and most amazing thing for me is my children finally feel safe. During Christmas of 2005 we were robbed and the kids were to scared to sleep in their room. They were sure the robbers would come back when they were sleeping and hurt them or take them, so they all were sleeping with me. Since our very first night in our house they have all slept in their own room with no fears, thanks to the safe windows."

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Content Archived: August 16, 2011