Easter Seals Independent Living Complex Grand Opening

Keith Gilbert

A car accident in 1981 left Keith Gilbert with an Acquired Brain Injury resulting in sporadic provision of services as well as employment. He endured years of stability seasoned with unexpected periods of loneliness and confusion. Keith and his family enrolled him into the Easter Seals Acquired Brain Injury Center in 2007.

Since Keith has become a resident of the Easter Seal's Residential and Day Habilitation programs, he has experienced positive supervision and counseling to ease his anxieties. He has employment which he can maintain and enjoy life on his own. The most influential aspect of Keith's life is he is almost wholly independent in his own apartment at the Easter Seal's Independent Living Complex.

The following is the speech given by Keith Gilbert at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony:

"I am recovering from a severe head injury. I have been recovering for over twenty years and will continue to recover until I die.

If you care to imagine, start from as good as dead, real medical dead not fictional, and then take at look at me now.

I just accepted the Umbrella Award for being as independent as I am. I work, I have a family, I have dreams and I have confidence. I have purpose.

My story is incredible, but so are the stories of every other person you have helped with your contributions or efforts.

I am confident that I share everyone else's feelings when I tell you the most valuable, most precious gift we have now, thanks to your efforts, is real, personal identity.

Along with the nine other residents I want you to know how it feels to have a key. I want you to know what it means to know that my privacy is now guaranteed."

Easter Seals Independent Living Complex Grand Opening

The Easter Seals complex that Keith lives in is located in Sheridan, Wyoming. The building consists of 15 units, 7 units on the west wing are a group home for severally disabled individuals and 8 units on the east wing are independent apartments. Easter Seals is a Section 811 Capital Advance for the Disabled; the grant was $1,017,300. The property also has a Project Rental Assistance Contract (PRAC) with a Budget Authority of $288,000. The property received permission to occupy in March 2010; the grand opening ribbon ceremony was held on September 10, 2010.


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