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Michael Zerega (202) 708-0277 ext 118Thursday
September 26, 1996

Homeless Living with AIDS/HIV Get Housing Relief from HUD and HHS
More thorough description of grants

Lutheran Social Services of Northern California North Coast Area Office
995 Market Street, Suite 201
San Francisco, CA 94103
Award Amount: $1,200,000Richard Stahlke, President
(415) 474-8400
Special Project of National Significance --
HIV Multiple-Diagnoses Initiative
Patricia Chiapellone
Area Director
(415) 974-1083
(415) 974-1173 fax

This grant will support the "Bridge Project" a collaborative effort of Lutheran Social Services of Northern California, and six sponsoring agencies to provide aggressive street outreach, supportive services, comprehensive housing and primary health services to multiple-diagnosed homeless persons with HIV/AIDS in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood. The sponsoring agencies are: Visiting Nurses and Hospice, AIDS Benefits Counselors, Immune Enhancement Project, Family Services Agency, Tenderloin AIDS Resource Center and the Tom Waddell Health Center. HOPWA funds will be used over a period of three years and will provide short tern emergency housing and assisted living vouchers for 1,620 persons with HIV/AIDS who are homeless and diagnosed with substance abuse problems and/or chronic mental illness. The project will develop public-private partnerships between experienced HIV service providers and owners of four Single Residence Occupancy (SRO) Hotels. In addition to addressing immediate housing needs, the participating agency will assist multiple-diagnosed HIV clients in gaining documentation and access to vital supportive services necessary for sustaining housing at the hotels where they reside and provide services through decentralized on-site efforts.

The Bridge Project will: (1) Increase the quantity and quality of housing for multiple-diagnosed persons; (2) Provide direct access to housing, substance abuse, mental health, and primary health care services for non-served/underserved multiple-diagnosed populations; (3) Develop an integrated, client driven harm reduction delivery system of care which is cost-effective, reduces the level of dependence on emergency hospital care and meets the complex needs of the multiple-diagnosed client. This award is being made in conjunction with over $1.5 million of additional financial resources that are being committed for this project under the Ryan White CARE Act.1 The project fills a gap identified in the continuum of care for the homeless.

Housing Authority of Santa Cruz County 2160 41st Avenue
Capitola, CA 95010
Award Amount: $ 750,000Mary MacKenzie James
Executive Director
Special Project of National Significance --
HIV Multiple-Diagnoses Initiative
(408) 464-0170
(408) 475-3861 fax

This grant will support a collaborative effort by the Housing Authority and the Santa Cruz AIDS Project (SCAP) to provide short term emergency funds, long term scattered site housing assistance and intensive supportive services and treatment for 200 persons with HIV/AIDS who are homeless and having difficulties with substance abuse or mental illness. The planned program activities are part of the County's five-year strategic AIDS housing plan and are designed to provide a continuum of care from street and country-outreach to permanent housing that promotes independence and minimizes hospitalization for clients who face barriers to receiving and maintaining housing in the rural areas, small towns and medium-sized cities in the County.

The program includes community advocacy with housing providers, neighbors and family members to identify and secure housing, promote community acceptance and family unification. Ten units of tenant-based rental assistance and short-term emergency payments, such as motel vouchers will be offered in connection with comprehensive case management and supportive services to help maintain a supportive living environment. The support will help clients access care offered from other community sources. The Housing Authority and SCAP are participants in the Continuum of Care Coordinating Group, which brings together a wide spectrum of housing and service providers to address strategically local housing needs as well as health care, legal services, personal care and other support for homeless persons, including persons living with HIV/AIDS. Over $1.2 million of additional financial and volunteer resources were committed for this project. The planned activities are consistent with the State of California's Consolidated Plan.

Housing & Services, Inc. (Florida) 202 East 35th Street
New York, NY 10016
Claire Haaga, President
(212) 683-1212
Award Amount: $1,090,000Paula Correy, Vice President
(212) 683-1258
Special Project of National Significance --
HIV Multiple-Diagnoses Initiative

Housing & Services, Inc. (HSI) will undertake the "Share Project," the first coordinated assistance program for multiply-diagnosed homeless persons in Dade County, Florida. An estimated 250 persons living with HIV/AIDS and their families will benefit from supportive services and program development support designed to increase their access to appropriate care, including treatment for chronic substance abuse and/or serious mental illness.

The activities will be managed by the Miami office of this New York-based non-profit housing provider in coordination with local Florida organizations. The Share Project will involve specialized outreach efforts by Camillus Health Concerns and discharge planning for client transition from inpatient care by Jackson Memorial Hospital. HSI will provide assistance to housing providers on developing and operating supportive housing programs, including the publication of an annual housing services guide for distribution to clients and providers, seminars on property management and service design for programs serving special needs populations, leveraging predevelopment loans, business plans and other program development tools and tracking systems on client outcomes. The activities will be coordinated with other supportive services provided by Dade County Homeless Trust, a public-private partnership on housing and services planning. The proposed activities are consistent with the Metropolitan Dade County Consolidated Plan.

City of Baltimore Department of Housing and Community Development
417 E. Fayette Street, 13th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202
Award Amount: $ 1,200,000Daniel P. Henson, III
(410) 396-3232
Special Project of National Significance --
HIV Multiple-Diagnoses Initiative
Donna Poggi Keck
(410) 396-5003
(410) 396-4943 fax

This grant will support an HIV/AIDS Community Resource Center and an HIV/AIDS Transitional Housing program for 225 persons with HIV/AIDS who are homeless and diagnosed with chronic substance abuse and/or chronic mental illness issues in Baltimore City and Baltimore County. Clients will benefit from the coordinated provision of housing counseling, case management, day center activities, medical and mental health care, and substance abuse treatment. The activities will be carried out in coordination with eleven public and private agencies which will provide intensive outreach to the target population and offer nonduplicative support through the coordination of the HOPWA-funded activities and other necessary supportive services for clients. Project sponsors include: the Black Education AIDS Project (BEAP), Chase-Brexton Health Services, Health Care for the Homeless (HCH), the Health Education Resource Organization (HERO), the Housing Unlimited Group (HUG), Project PLASE, and Maryland Department of Human Resources' Project Home AIDS program.

This program has two components: (1) the use of twelve emergency beds for the medically fragile to provide a supportive transition for an estimated 75 persons from crises to stable, secure and appropriate living situations; and (2) the creation of a community resource center to provided structured activities, vocational training and a range of other related assistance for approximately 700 clients per year. The resource center will be operated by HERO and will begin a low-cost copying service to provide employment experiences for clients. These activities address unmet needs in the metropolitan area's ten-year strategic HIV Housing Plan for Greater Baltimore by providing services to multiple-diagnosed people with HIV/AIDS in emergency shelters. Over $2.4 million of additional financial and volunteer resources were committed for this project. The planned activities are consistent with Baltimore City's Consolidated Plan.

United Bronx Parents, Inc.773 Prospect Avenue
Bronx, New York 10455
Lorraine Montenegro, Director
(718) 991-7100
Award Amount: $1,130,000
Special Project of National Significance --
HIV Multiple-Diagnoses Initiative
Mark Van Denburgh
(718) 617-6060

With the awarded funds, United Bronx Parents, Inc. will establish "Casita Esperanza", a culturally sensitive, one-stop service center and low-demand emergency and transitional housing program. The project will provide 12 emergency and 30 transitional beds to a total of 340 homeless single men and women with HIV/AIDS and chronic substance abuse problems who are entering or recently discharged from inpatient detoxification services or are awaiting residential treatment placements. The project fills a service gap identified in the New York State Consolidated Plan. The program will engage participants through a continuum of ongoing low-threshold/recovery readiness counseling, HIV services and contemporary substance abuse treatment approaches that are especially designed to handle the various stages of recovery, including relapse.

With low-demand entry requirements as an attraction, participants will then be offered life skills training including risk-reduction counseling, HIV education and self-care. Case managers will assist with obtaining entitlement benefits and accessing all proper mental health, primary care, and a full range of supportive services. Transitional housing support will continue for up to five months and a housing counselor will aid in developing a plan for permanent housing with continued case management and supportive services. As part of its information dissemination activities, the grantee will develop a technical assistance publication for organizations interested in replicating the project.

Houston Regional HIV/AIDS Resource Group 811 Westheimer #201
Houston, TX 77006
Award Amount: $1,200,000 Michael J. Springer
Executive Director
Special Project of National Significance --
HIV Multiple-Diagnoses Initiative
(713) 526-1016
(713) 526-2369 fax

This grant will support the Houston Regional HIV/AIDS Resource Group and four sponsors: The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston - Houston Recovery Campus; Crisis Intervention of Houston, Inc.; The Shoulder, Inc.; and Bering Community Service Foundation, in operating the "MDI Housing Project." This collaboration will provide crisis housing, assistance in obtaining permanent housing and new services to assist 500 persons who are homeless and who are living with HIV/AIDS and co-occurring chronic substance abuse and/or mental illness and 125 family members in the metropolitan Houston area. An additional 500 clients are expected to receive housing referrals from this program. The project will collaborate outreach and activities with providers addressing homelessness, HIV, mental health and substance abuse issues, planning bodies, housing agencies, and client organizations to ensure that clients' needs are addressed through long range housing plans.

Three new services will help fill gaps in a continuum of care for clients: (1) housingcoordination will be undertaken to provide clients with information on housing availability through a centralized database and make services referrals, periodic assessments of local housing needs, and to coordinate activities of area organizations; for example, Crisis Intervention, of Houston, Inc., will provide after-hours housing referrals to help clients access housing; (2) short-term crisis housing will be provided by The Shoulder, Inc., a detox center, for 40 individuals a year at an intermediate care facility in coordination with the Ben Taub Hospital Psychiatric Clinic and drug/alcohol treatment programs; over 300 individuals are anticipated to receive drug/alcohol treatment through the Houston Recovery Campus during the one year period of this grant; and (3) a deposit pool will allow nine organizations to access funds from the Bering Community Service Foundation for utilities and rental deposits for 214 individuals who will be exiting transitional drug treatment programs. Over $2 million of additional funds for supportive services were leveraged for this project. The Resource Group is participating with the HIV Housing Task Force on the development of Houston's Consolidated Plan and the 1995-8 Strategic HIV Comprehensive Plan and other HIV-related needs assessments.

Catholic Community ServicesOffice of Grants Management
1160 Raymond Blvd.
Newark, NJ 07102-4105
Rev. Msgr. Nicholas DiMarzio
Executive Director
(201) 596-4050
Award Amount: $ 755,692Margaret Murtha
Director, Hudson County Division
249 Virginia Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07304
(201) 435-4030
Special Project of National Significance --
HIV Multiple-Diagnoses Initiative
Christopher J. Marics
(201) 596-4058
(201) 596-3819 fax

This grant will fund a program by Catholic Community Services, "Operation Link" a housing services program in Jersey City that will reach out and "link" services to the "hardest to reach" homeless clients: those with HIV/AIDS and a severe mental illness and/or an addiction to alcohol and other drugs. The program will be operated by a team of social service providers including Let's Celebrate and Jersey City Medical Center's Medical and Social Services for the Homeless (MASSH) as well as Catholic Community Services. This project will support leasing, operating and rehabilitation costs for a drop-in center and transitional and permanent housing facilities and related supportive services.

Operation Link's goal is to demonstrate that the traditionally underserved population can be effectively linked to a broad continuum of housing services designed to meet their special needs. Five highly integrated graduated housing components are designed to move the target population from the streets to permanent housing: (1) an Assertive Mobile Outreach unit (AMO); (2) a No/Low Demand Drop-In Center; (3) a supported Transitional Housing Facility; (4) a Permanent Housing Facility; and (5) support from a staff of experienced behavior health and social service professionals and a team of specially trained Operation Link "Peers".

The support will help clients navigate the social service system and achieve a more stable, healthy and independent lifestyle. During its three years of operation, Link will provide services to up to 600 homeless persons, 75 of whom will receive direct housing placements. It is anticipated that up to 600 homeless persons, 75 of whom will receive direct housing placements. It is anticipated that up to 30 will be women and children who will be provided with further specialized Link services. Catholic Community Services is a non- sectarian, nonprofit social services corporation.

Bernal Heights Housing Corp. (HOTS)515 Cortland Avenue
San Francisco, California
Helen Helfer, Director
(415) 206-2140
Award Amount: $845,541J. Ruthy Talansky
(415) 206-2147
Special Project of National Significance --
HIV Multiple-Diagnoses Initiative

Through a collaboration by the Bernal Heights Housing Corporation, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, Legal Services for Children, and the Edgewood Family Center, the Housing and Outreach Transitional Strategies Collaborative (HOTS) will be formed to assist homeless families with dependent children who are living with HIV/AIDS and also impacted directly by substance abuse and/or mental illness. By linking existing AIDS housing and service providers with low-income family and homeless service providers, the project intends to aid 45 families or approximately 95 adults and 120 children. The grant will be used to acquire four units of permanent supportive housing, and develop a one-stop integrated case management service delivery system that includes housing, mental health and substance abuse services, AIDS care and supportive services and children's services. A comprehensive outreach program will engage the participants in the streets and shelters while admissions and coordination will be done through the Centralized Housing Information and Placement Services (CHIPS).

The project will assume a child-centered approach which focusses on the needs of the entire family prior to and after the death of a family member. The development of a long-term plan for the placement of the child after the death of a guardian will begin in advance of the crisis. An aftercare program for children and guardians will also be present to address many of these issues. Educational forums will be held to instruct participants on health issues, skill development, domestic violence, and parenting. Two case managers and three respite and recreational coordinators will be available in the housing unit and the Edgewood Family Center. The project is consistent with the state of California's Consolidated Plan and will support the 1995 Continuum of Care and the 1994 Five Year HIV/AIDS Housing Plan for San Francisco.

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