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Dolline Hatchett 202-755-1785 ext. 114Tuesday
Michael Zerega 202-708-0685October 29, 1996


Housing Secretary Henry G. Cisneros today announced the award of $51 million to 17 grantees in 15 states to reduce lead-based paint hazards in low-income, privately-owned housing.

In addition, a total of $4 million was awarded to the State of Missouri, Richmond, VA, and the Borough of Palmerton, PA, to control lead-based paint hazards in housing units near Superfund toxic clean-up sites.

The awards are part of the Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Grant Program of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

"Lead poisoning is a severe danger for millions of young children who have already come into this world with two strikes against them: poverty and discrimination," said Cisneros. "These awards help us find workable solutions to the problem of lead paint."

HUD's program is designed to build an infrastructure that will last beyond the life of the grant. Besides supporting hazard control work, the funds are used to develop education and outreach programs. The lead removal effort also creates job opportunities for community residents.

The grants provide incentives for state and local governments to work with community-based service providers, environmental advocates, landlords, and homeowners to rid private, low-income housing of lead hazards.

"Most important," said Cisneros, "this hazard reduction program can result in the development of a sound system of public education, laws, regulations and procedures for ensuring that children will be protected from lead poisoning in these communities."

Communities compete for the Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Grants by submitting innovative proposals for preventing childhood lead poisoning in older, low-income neighborhoods where lead-based paint is most prevalent.

HUD's Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control grant program was established by Title X of the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act, part of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1992.

List of FY 1996 HUD Lead-Based Paint Grantees and Awards
Jefferson County, AL$1,014,778Dubuque, IA$3,690,619
Shreveport, LA$1,142,300Cambridge, MA$2,177,327
Wayne County, MI$4,994,424Minneapolis, MN$4,994,424
State of Minnesota$1,475,389Kansas City, MO$4,994,424
State of Missouri$1,997,894Chautauqua County, NY$2,725,334
New York City, NY$1,596,274Charlotte, NC$4,986,800
Mahoning County, OH$4,295,668Springfield, OH$2,966,805
Borough of Palmerton, PA$ 633,288Philadelphia, PA$1,573,200
State of Vermont$1,804,610

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