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The statement below was given by a former employee of Yoder Shrader on videotape to HUD. The woman asks not to be identified because she is concerned this would make it difficult for her to find employment in the real estate industry:

"I worked for Yoder Shrader renting apartments at one of the complexes they manage. I was shocked when I was told by my supervisor to try to avoid renting to blacks, Hispanics, other minorities and families with children.

My supervisor treated whites better than minorities. But my supervisor directed me to treat minorities differently. The management didn't try to keep minorities out entirely - that would have been obvious discrimination. But it seems to me they were limiting the number of minorities so there weren't too many. I also noticed that minority residents were clustered together.

I refused to discriminate, so that's why I don't work for the company anymore. I believe discrimination is wrong. People enter this world equal and they go out equal. We should stop hating each other. I'm glad HUD agrees with me and is working to end housing discrimination."

Content Archived: January 20, 2009

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