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HUD No. 98-144
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WASHINGTON - Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo today issued the following statement in support of the third annual Kick Butts Day, which seeks to protect young people from the dangers of smoking.

"Much of what the Clinton Administration is doing today is aimed at creating better lives for our children tomorrow. Our work to improve education, to create new jobs, to increase homeownership and to revitalize communities is all focused on making our nation a land of greater opportunity in the years ahead - a land where children can grow up to achieve the American Dream. Tragically, smoking begun in the teen years and even earlier turns the lives of far too many Americans into nightmares decades later, plagued by disease and premature death. By working to protect more young people from falling victim to the lure of tobacco, President Clinton and Vice President Gore are - quite literally - saving lives and improving the quality of lives. Long after all of us in this Administration have left office, we will leave a legacy of more healthy Americans and fewer victims of tobacco-related illness."

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