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HUD No. 98-248
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SAN BERNARDINO - Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo today announced $281.6 million in HUD grants for housing and community development programs in 55 cities and counties in Southern California, in a meeting with Congressmen George Brown and Jerry Lewis.

"These funds will go toward community-based solutions to the housing and economic development challenges that many cities and counties in Southern California face," said Cuomo, who is spending the weekend in San Bernardino County. "We are funding a comprehensive strategy to create jobs and affordable housing, help homeless people become self-sufficient and increase homeownership."

Cuomo was in San Bernardino County to meet with Brown, Lewis and their constituents to learn more about the housing needs of the area.

"Congressmen Brown and Lewis are working in partnership with HUD to strengthen housing and community development programs in California and around the nation," Cuomo said. "I'm glad to have the opportunity to come to San Bernardino to learn more about the challenges facing this area."

Under the 1998 Consolidated Planning process, cities and counties receive funds from HUD for a broad range of activities through Community Development Block Grants, the HOME Investment Partnership program, Emergency Shelter Grant funds for homeless programs; and the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS program.

Among the housing and community development efforts to be funded in the cities and counties are: public improvements, public services, housing rehabilitation and economic development. Additionally, the funds will include: rental housing rehabilitation; rehabilitation of single family housing; operational funding; services to homeless shelters; and housing and services for people with AIDS.

Senator Dianne Feinstein said: "I am very pleased that California's cities and counties are working in partnership with HUD to strengthen our housing and community development efforts. This $281 million dollar grant will be a tremendous benefit for those people in our state seeking to improve their housing needs."

Senator Barbara Boxer said: "Because of these funds, many people in Southern California will realize the dream of owning a home of their own. The funding will also provide a major boost for local efforts to promote sustained economic development and address other housing related needs."

Congressman George Brown said: "I am very pleased that these federal funds will now start to flow to our region. The flexibility of these funds allows them to be used for such worthwhile activities as community-sponsored day care and after-school programs and the building and rehabilitation of parks and other facilities. The public broadly benefits from these valuable community development investments."

Congressman Jerry Lewis said: "San Bernardino County is well served by these HUD grant programs. This funding will assist in meeting the most pressing challenges of our local communities. We are continuing to develop a unique local/federal partnership that will address the critical economic development needs of our region."

The Consolidated Planning process, developed by Cuomo when he served as HUD Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development, ensures that local residents have strong input into the creation of comprehensive, community-based housing and economic development plans. The streamlined process gives communities maximum local flexibility, while reducing burdensome regulatory requirements. Local HUD staff are empowered to work closely with communities to customize Consolidated Plans and help them realize their housing and economic development goals.


Amount and Use


Apple Valley

$569,000 to expand the supply of affordable housing and preserve existing housing.


$6.2 million for jobs programs.


$3.9 million for community development, economic development, and infrastructure improvement.

Buena Park

$1 million for resident and commercial rehabilitation, public services and public facilities.


$1.9 million to provide shelter for homeless people, expand job training and educate people about housing discrimination.


$444,000 for homeless programs.


$700,000 for utility assistance, counseling, rental/shelter and food supplies.

Costa Mesa

$1.9 million for homeless services and neighborhood improvement programs.


$1.7 million to provide transitional housing and supportive services to homeless people.

El Cajon

$1.9 million to fund affordable housing and expand economic opportunities.

El Monte

$4.5 million for housing preservation and revitalization.


$2.2 million for public services, public improvements, and economic and community development.

Fountain Valley

$433,000 for public facilities.


$1.8 million for mental health programs and programs for people with disabilities.


$2.2 million to provide homeless with permanent housing and rehabilitation of rental units.


$958,000 to promote affordable housing opportunities.

Garden Grove

$3.4 million for affordable housing and economic development.


$583,000 to improve community services.

Huntington Beach

$2.3 million to improve homeless services


Huntington Park

$2.9 million for affordable housing.


$1 million for construction of rental housing for very low-income and elderly families.

Kern County

$9.6 million for housing and community development.

Laguna Niguel

$306,000 for housing and community development programs.

La Habra

$714,000 to insure affordable housing.

La Mesa

$586,000 for public services and job training programs.

Lake Forest

$406,000 for economic development.


$1.1 million to rehabilitate existing housing.


$628,000 for affordable housing.


$2.5 million for assistance for homeless individuals and employment training.

Los Angeles

$136 million to rehabilitate existing housing.


$1.7 million for affordable housing.


$3.2 million to help families become homeowners, retain affordable housing and extend partnerships in government.


$1.8 million for public services, street improvements, public facilities and support for fair housing activities.

Palm Springs

$621,000 to preserve and rehabilitate single and multi-family housing.


$973,000 for economic opportunity programs.

Rancho Cucamonga

$952,000 for homeless programs.


$1.2 million to remove barriers to affordable housing and reduce lead-based paint hazards.


$12.9 million to provide low- income, first-time homebuyers more housing opportunities.


$1.9 million for homeless programs.

San Bernardino City

$5.6 million for affordable housing and to provide shelter and support services for homeless people.

San Bernardino County

$12 million for housing accessibility, preservation and revitalization.

San Buenaventura

$972,000 for economic development.

Santa Barbara

$2.1 million to provide additional security for lender-financed projects.

Santa Barbara County

$1.3 million for affordable housing, homeless services and economic development.

Santa Maria

$1.3 million for affordable housing and homeless needs.

Santa Ana

$11.4 million for public services, employment and job training.

San Diego County

$9.9 million for economic development.

San Luis Obispo County

$3.6 million for a business assistance center and job creation programs.


$458,000 for homeless programs.

South Gate

$3.5 million to preserve and rehabilitate housing.


$708,000 to provide emergency shelter.


$707,000 to improve living conditions for very low-income renters and first-time homebuyers.

Ventura County

$3.6 million for economic development and job training.


$1.1 million for outreach to support permanent housing.


$1.7 million for job training programs.

Content Archived: January 20, 2009

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