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WASHINGTON - Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo was joined today by Harvard Professor Cornel West, the Rev. Eugene Rivers and former New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton at a forum to discuss ways to build on the crime reductions of the last five years to make America's cities safer.

The HUD Community 2020 Forum focused on how to best maintain safe streets and neighborhoods by strengthening families, building new relationships between police and communities, and learning what is working at the block and neighborhood level across the country.

President Clinton said: "This type of exchange is exactly what we need to have more of - involving and empowering communities. Our message needs to be twofold - federal enforcement and laws which protect citizens and education. By bringing together important figures in academia and public service, Secretary Cuomo is injecting current theory and debate into national policy."

"Our goal is to build on President Clinton's policies that have achieved dramatic crime reductions across the nation," Cuomo said. "By creating jobs and a booming economy, the President's policies are revitalizing cities and giving more people the opportunity to succeed. On top of this, the President's policies to add 100,000 new police officers in communities across the nation and to strengthen law enforcement are protecting the right of every American family to live in safety. "

Cornel West is Professor of Afro-American Studies and Philosophy of Religion at Harvard. He is the author of 12 books and numerous articles and is a noted expert on challenges facing African Americans.

Rev. Eugene Rivers is an African American clergyman who has won national recognition for his pioneering programs to help young people in Boston's inner city improve their lives and turn away from crime, gangs and drugs.

William Bratton has headed five police departments, including New York City's, and is known for his effective and innovative anti-crime strategies.

Two weeks ago President Clinton released his second State of the Cities report, which showed that despite a booming economy, cities still face challenges in increasing the supply of affordable housing, job creation, and education.

Today's forum was the fifth in an on-going series hosted by Cuomo examining the future of American cities. Previous seminars have included discussions on jobs and the economy, race, housing discrimination and homelessness.

The Community 2020 series brings together some of the nation's most noted experts to explore the future of America's communities and metropolitan regions. The goal of the forum is to find ways to better prepare neighborhoods and families meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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