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HUD No. 98-284
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WASHINGTON - Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo today announced $3.3 million in HUD grants for housing and community development programs in Newport News, Virginia, in a telephone news conference with Mayor Joe S. Frank.

"These funds will go toward community-based solutions to the housing and economic development challenges Newport News faces," Cuomo said. "We are funding a comprehensive strategy to create jobs and affordable housing, and help homeless individuals become self-sufficient."

Under Newport News' 1998 Consolidated Plan, which was approved by HUD, Newport News will receive $2.1million in Community Development Block Grant funds; $1.1 million under the HOME Investment Partnership program; and $85,000 in Emergency Shelter Grant funds for homeless programs.

Among the housing and community development efforts to be funded by the City this year are: new housing construction; rehabilitation; homebuyer assistance; and special needs for the homeless.

Senator John Warner said: "With hard work, planning and commitment to better community, the city of Newport News has been funded with $3.3 million in HUD housing and community development grants. With this additional funding and continued dedication of community leaders, many Newport News communities are on the road to recovery and rejuvenation."

Senator Charles Robb said: "The grants announced today will help Newport News implement the 1998 Consolidated Plan for redevelopment. Newport News is creating the buildings of today and the opportunities of tomorrow. I am pleased that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has invested in the future of Newport News."

Congressman Robert Scott said: "These funds will give Newport News a much needed boost in its efforts to revitalize the business and housing sectors in communities that have been struggling to break out of decades of economic deterioration and stalemate."

Mayor Joe S. Frank said: "The City of Newport News is delighted to be the recipient of $3.3 million in HUD grant funds. We are appreciative of Secretary Cuomo's efforts to ensure the availability of this money, and his efforts to streamline the grant process. Many important public purposes will be served with the dollars being made available."

The Consolidated Planning process, developed by Cuomo when he served as HUD Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development, ensures that local residents have strong input into the creation of comprehensive, community-based housing and economic development plans. The streamlined process gives communities maximum local flexibility, while reducing burdensome regulatory requirements. Local HUD staff are empowered to work closely with communities to customize Consolidated Plans and help them realize their housing and economic development goals.

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