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What We Know About Mortgage
Lending Discrimination In America


This report adds to the growing body of evidence that discrimination remains a significant problem, and a sizeable barrier to opportunity, in America. It outlines how discrimination can affect minorities' access to mortgage capital-the key to becoming a homeowner-at multiple stages of the lending process, and it suggests directions for further research and oversight on these important issues. HUD commissioned this independent study to review and extend what we know about the complexities of mortgage markets nationwide. Expanding opportunity through the fight against housing discrimination is a central part of HUD's mission, and building knowledge is a very important part of that effort.

HUD will use this information to further develop its policies and programs aimed at ensuring equal opportunity for all. We welcome and commend the hard work of our partners-public, private, and nonprofit-in advancing that cause.

Xavier de Souza Briggs
Deputy Assistant Secretary
for Policy Development and Research

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Content Archived: January 20, 2009

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