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HUD No. 99-152
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Funding breakdown and project descriptions attached

SENECA FALLS - Touring one of the nation's most historic regions, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo and his family today visited landmarks of Seneca Falls, home of the women's suffrage movement, and later announced $25.4 million in federal assistance to small communities along New York's Canal Corridor to spark economic growth, job creation, increased tourism, housing construction and infrastructure improvements.

Cuomo made the federal aid announcement at news conferences in Seneca Falls and Ithaca with Congressman Maurice Hinchey and Congressman Amo Houghton's district representative Bob Iszard. Today is day three of a five day visit to upstate New York tourism sites designed to highlight the historic, cultural and recreational attractions in Canal Corridor communities. Earlier this week, Secretaries Cuomo and Glickman and their families boated on Lake Erie near Buffalo, and biked along the Erie Canal outside of Rochester, announcing $31.1 million in federal aid on Monday and $38.5 in federal aid on Tuesday.

Cuomo, his wife Kerry Kennedy Cuomo, twin daughters Cara and Mariah, and Congressman and local officials from across the state will spend the rest of the week traveling the Canal Corridor by boat and ground transportation across New York State. (See attached itinerary) Those traveling are sampling a wide variety of family-oriented activities along the Canal Corridor, including biking along the canal towpaths, hiking, fishing, and visits to museums, historic sites, and cultural attractions.

Secretary Cuomo plans to spend today touring the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Home and Baldwin House, Senecca Falls Marina, Seneca Waterway Museum, National Women's Hall of Fame, and Main Street of Seneca Falls with Robert Stanton, Director of the National Park Service, Village Mayor Brad Jones and Seneca County Board of Representative member Patsy Amadon. The Secretary also plans to visit Goose Watch Winery in Romulus and then attend a community picnic in Ithaca at the Old Port Harbor with Congressman Hinchey and Ithaca Mayor Alan Cohen.

"New York's Erie Canal Corridor and the Finger Lakes are an unparalleled national and international tourism attraction," said Cuomo. "With more than $200 million in new federal investment during the past two years --which has already brought new business and jobs to the region-- there has never been a better time to enjoy the recreational and historic attractions along New York's waterways. My family and I are excited about this visit, and about the renewed vitality of the Canal Corridor and the Finger Lakes Region."

"I am delighted by HUD and USDA's announcement of over $100 million for the revitalization and redevelopment of the Canal Corridor," said Senator Charles Schumer. "We all recognize the enormous potential of the Canal Region, and I am pleased to see steps being taken to help our rural communities prosper. I look forward to continuing to work with Secretaries Cuomo and Glickman to ensure the economic health of New York State."

Today's announcement brings the total to $95 million in federal assistance awarded to New York this week. The funding today builds on over $200 million in assistance provided through the Canal Corridor Initiative during the past two years. HUD's Canal Corridor Initiative began in 1997 by Cuomo to put federal resources to work as part of a long-term and coordinated commitment to revitalize communities along the Canal Corridor and elsewhere in upstate New York. The locally driven initiative seeks to turn the Erie Canal and connecting waterways that make up the Canal Corridor into a major tourism destination that will spark economic development across upstate.

HUD, the Department of Agriculture, the National Park Service, local communities and businesses are working in partnership to make the initiative succeed. Federal assistance has gone to over 200 projects along the 524-mile canal system. New Canal Corridor projects built with this aid span the state and include new marinas, restaurants, recreational businesses, parks, walkways and bikepaths. Federal assistance has also funded the reconstruction and preservation of historic and cultural sites, along with the development of new manufacturing and small business development.

The 524-mile New York State Canal System was once a major link between the Northeast and the Midwest. As other forms of transportation took over the Canal's role of a major transport route, the industrial and commercial base of many cities and towns in the region suffered. These cities experienced declining populations, urban decay, and high unemployment.

The Initiative complements the New York State Canal Revitalization Program, both in its details and overall goals. It is based on a careful review of existing state and local plans for the region, including the landmark New York State Recreationway Plan, completed in 1995. As a result, it provides a template for close cooperation between federal, state and local governments in revitalizing the Canal Corridor.


"Waterfront communities have been at the center of economic and cultural growth throughout New York's history," said U.S. Representative Maurice Hinchey. "Through targeted federal investments and partnerships with the private sector, the cities along our canals and rivers will play a vital role in our future. Revitalized waterfront communities can once again provide the engine for job growth and economic development in New York State."

"I congratulate Secretary Cuomo on his promotional tour of an under-appreciated piece of New York State," said U.S. Representative Amo Houghton. "When the Eric Canal was first built, it helped bring economic prosperity to our towns in the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier region. As a major tourist attraction, it can again. Visitors will use the canal as a gateway to our beautiful part of upstate New York, and stay to enjoy our parks, museums, wineries and unique attractions. As we work together to promote our entire region to visitors, we welcome the Secretary's interest as a nice boost to that effort."

"Secretary Cuomo is seen as a driving force in HUD's programs to assist both urban and rural communities in realizing their full development potential," said Chair of the Seneca County Board of Supervisors Patricia Amadon. "Furthermore, HUD, under Secretary Cuomo's leadership, is playing a major role in revitalizing New York's canal system as a major tourism attraction for visitors from near and far."

"The growth of jobs in the Town of Seneca Falls is our number one priority," said Seneca Falls Town Supervisor Janette Pfeiff. "This grant demonstrates HUD's commitment, under the leadership of Secretary Cuomo, to providing assistance to small towns such as ours to promote economic development."

"Together with our partners at HUD and the State of New York we are realizing the re-birth of this magnificent waterway, and the potential re-birth of our local economy," said Seneca Falls Village Mayor Bradford Jones.

"HUD's participation in a number of important projects for the revitalization of our waterfront and community-at-large has been invaluable, and has allowed us to leverage their resources with local public and private sector moneys to make these exciting projects a reality," said Ithaca Mayor Alan Cohen.


HUD and USDA today announced $25.4 million in small cities/Canal Corridor assistance to the following eight New York counties.

Chemung $1.5 million
Ontario $7.0 million
Schuyler $765,355
Seneca $5.5 million
Steuben $1.9 million
Tioga $1.6 million
Tompkins $3.5 million
Yates $3.6 million


LODI, T. The Town of Lodi's housing rehabilitation program will be funded with a $300,000 HUD grant and $150,000 in local funds. Substandard septic systems and inadequate wells are the targeted priorities in the 24 households that will benefit from the program. $300,000 $150,000 $450,000 SENECA
SENECA COUNTY Seneca County will use $400,000 in CDBG funds for a low interest loan to Rist Transportation, a trucking company located in Phelps. The low interest loan will be used to purchase 7 tractors and 10 trailers. The company will create 15 new jobs, all of which will be offered to low and moderate income persons. 15 $400,000 $345,000 $745,000 SENECA
SENECA FALLS, T. The Town of Seneca Falls will use $400,000 of CDBG funds to assist Bonadent, Inc. to purchase machinery and equipment for the manufacture of dental prosthetics. The project will create 45 new full time positions. This business expansion will involve the investment of $5.8M of private funds and $565,000 of local government resources. 45 $400,000 $6,365,000 $6,765,000 SENECA
OVID, T. The Town of Ovid's housing rehabilitation program will include a $300,000 HUD grant and $150,000 in local matching funds. The program will improve conditions in 24 of the most substandard housing units. Priority will be given to homes occupied by very low income residents that have deficient septic systems and wells. $300,000 $150,000 $450,000 SENECA
ELMIRA HEIGHTS, V. The Village of Elmira Heights will use $400,000 in CDBG funding for a program that complements its existing microenterprise business program. Funding will allow the Village to train 42 potential entrepreneurs and create 26 new employment opportunities. The Village will provide $76,000 in local resources for this program. 26 $400,000 $76,000 $476,000 CHEMUNG
SOUTHPORT. T. The Town of Southport will use a $291,500 HUD grant to improve sewer lines to the regional sewage treatment facility. Ninety-five households will benefit from this public facility improvement. Leveraging consists of over $80,000 in local funds $291,500 $82,661 $374,161 CHEMUNG
ONTARIO COUNTY Ontario County will loan $600,000 in CDBG funds to Tenneco Packaging Inc. for an economic development initiative. The loan will facilitate the purchase of a 27,700 square foot facility that is part of an expansion project. Tenneco is expected to create 33 jobs and invest an additional $4 million. 33 $600,000 $4,020,000 $4,620,000 ONTARIO
GENEVA, C. The City of Geneva will assist 25 families with the purchase of first homes using $400,000 in HUD funds. Eligible program activities include housing rehabilitation and subsidies to down payments and mortgages. Local lenders will provide $2.0 million of mortgage financing to assist the purchasers. $400,000 $2,000,000 $2,400,000 ONTARIO
NAPLES, T. The Town of Naples will improve a minimum of 24 low income, owner-occupied housing units with a $300,000 HUD grant and $150,000 in matching funds. The Town will eliminate substandard health and safety conditions by improving septic systems and wells. $300,000 $150,000 $450,000 ONTARIO
FARMINGTON, T. The Town of Farmington will use $400,000 in CDBG grant funds to extend public sewers along Loomis Road. The public facilities project will facilitate business development. Conrail, Inc. is expected to expand its service to the area. Four local companies will expand and bring $5,000,000 in new capital development and investment to the Town. 82 $400,000 $5,060,000 $5,460,000 ONTARIO
SCHUYLER COUNTY Schuyler County will utilize $600,000 of Small Cities CDBG funds to rehabilitate 40 substandard homes occupied by very low income households in the Towns of Tyrone, Catharine, and Hector. Assistance will take the form of deferred payment loans and will be used to repair deficiencies in mechanical systems and structural elements. $600,000 $300,000 $900,000 SCHUYLER
HORNELL, C. The City of Hornell will assist the City IDA by providing a $400,000 grant for rehabilitation of the Hornell Train Depot and related street and site improvements. Alstrom Transportation will establish a sales and service center in the depot and create 100 new employment opportunities. The project will leverage $1.5 million in local funds. 100 $400,000 $1,150,000 $1,550,000 STEUBEN
WAVERLY, V. Waverly will use its $400,000 HUD grant to undertake a housing rehabilitation program for low and moderate income property owners with substandard housing. CDBG assistance will be provided in the form of deferred payment loans and low interest loans for eligible property improvements. Thirty-five units of housing will be improved. The Village will also improve water lines in the Clark Street target area. $400,000 TIOGA
OWEGO, V. Owego's $400,000 HUD-funded housing rehab. program will improve low and moderate income owner and renter-occupied substandard properties. CDBG funds will be used to offer loan assistance for rehabilitation of 29 units. Owego will also improve curbs and sidewalks in the target area. $400,000 TIOGA
OWEGO, T. The Town of Owego will provide assistance to 25 households using a $400,000 HUD grant. The Town will focus its program on low income, single-headed households. Local match totals $40,000. $400,000 $40,000 $440,000 TIOGA
TOMPKINS COUNTY Tompkins County will use its $600,000 HUD grant and $3,800,000 in local bank financing to assist 28 families with first home purchases from the existing housing stock. The homeowners will receive down payment assistance, homeownership counseling and subsidized deferred loans to write down mortgages. $600,000 $3,750,000 $4,350,000 TOMPKINS
ITHACA, C. The City of Ithaca will use its $300,000 Canal Corridor Initiative grant for The Lower West End Complementary Health Care Center project. The project involves converting a vacant building in the Lower West End/Inlet Island area to a health care center. This initiative will create 20 new jobs and stimulate $936,000 in private and local investment. The Center will offer an integrated holistic and traditional approach to medical care. Medical doctors who practice alternative and traditional therapies will work cooperatively with licensed practitioners of acupuncture, chiropractic medicine, massage, psychotherapy and nutrition. In addition to office space, the facility will contain a pharmacy offering both traditional and alternative medicines. 20 $300,000 $936,000 $1,236,000 TOMPKINS
ENFIELD, T. The Town of Enfield will use its $400,000 HUD grant to assist 17 families with the replacement of their dilapidated mobile homes. They will focus on low income persons, with the highest priority given to mobile units manufactured in 1970 or earlier. The subsidy will be used to reduce the purchase price of new homes so that they are affordable to low and moderate income families. Local lenders will provide $1.1 million of mortgage financing to complement the Town's investments. $400,000 $1,100,000 $1,500,000 TOMPKINS
ITHACA, C. The City of Ithaca's $400,000 housing grant will assist 25 families with the purchase of their first home. CDBG funds will subsidize both down payments and mortgages for purchases of existing houses. The program will leverage $1.4 million in other funds. $400,000 $1,417,500 $1,817,500 TOMPKINS


  • Sunday, August 15 - Inner harbor celebration and community picnic in Buffalo. Boating on Lake Erie with Congressmen John LaFalce and Jack Quinn, accompanied by Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman.

  • Monday, August 16 - Biking with Secretary Glickman along the Erie Canal towpath from Pittsford to Fairport. Boating along the Erie Canal with Congresswoman Louise Slaughter and Congressman Thomas Reynolds and Rochester Mayor Bill Johnson and then visiting the Erie Canal Cultural Center in Lyons.

  • Tuesday, August 17 - Touring the Elizabeth Cady Stanton home, Baldwin House, and the Women's Rights National Historic Park with National Park Service Director Robert Stanton in Seneca Falls. Touring Goose Watch Winery in Romulus with aides to Congressman Amo Houghton, and boating on Cayuga Lake and the Seneca Canal. Visiting the Old Port Harbor in Ithaca and attending a community picnic in Geneva.

  • Wednesday, August 18 - Fishing with Congressman James Walsh on Skaneateles Lake, boating along the Seneca River to Baldwinsville and dedicating a new park. Also, dedicating a waterfront marina in Fulton with Congressman John McHugh and presiding over the grand opening of Coleman's Irish Pub on the Canal in Oswego.

  • Thursday, August 19 - Boating on the Mohawk River to Little Falls with Congressman Sherwood Boehlert. Participating in a major economic development event Green Island with Congressman Michael McNulty.

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