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HUD No. 99-152
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Funding breakdown and project descriptions attached

CENTRAL N.Y. - Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo and Congressman James Walsh spent the morning fishing on Skaneateles Lake, but the real catch was $41.2 million in federal assistance for communities along the Central Canal Corridor. Cuomo, Walsh and Congressman John McHugh announced the aid in a series of news conferences in Baldwinsville, Fulton and Oswego. The funds will trigger economic development, job creation and promote tourism opportunities.

Today is the fourth day of a five day trip across upstate New York's Canal Corridor region. After fishing, Cuomo and Walsh were joined by Syracuse Mayor Roy Bernardi and Baldwinsville Mayor Dan O'Hara for a boat ride on the Erie Canal. Cuomo, Walsh, Bernardi, and O'Hara then attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Southshore West Trail and park at the Baldwinsville Waterfront, where Cuomo announced a $3 million HUD economic development package for the City of Syracuse, and $3.1 million in HUD and U.S. Department of Agriculture aid for Central New York counties.

Cuomo, his wife Kerry Kennedy Cuomo and twin daughters Cara and Mariah, have been joined by Congressmen and local officials from across the state. They've spent time biking, hiking, fishing, and visiting historic sites and cultural attractions beginning in Buffalo on Sunday. They visited the Rochester area on Monday and toured landmarks in Seneca Falls and Ithaca on Tuesday. Cuomo has announced $31.1 million to Western New York, $38.5 million to the Rochester region, and $25.4 million to the Finger Lakes region in HUD and USDA funds.

"New York's Canal Corridor and Central New York are an unparalleled national and international tourism attraction," said Cuomo. "With more than $200 million in new federal investment during the past two years -- which has already brought new business and jobs to the region -- there has never been a better time to enjoy the recreational and historic attractions along New York's waterways. My family and I are excited about this visit, and about the renewed vitality of the Canal Corridor and the Central New York region."

"The Canal System is an intricate part of our state history. It had an especially powerful impact on Central New York's development," said Congressman James Walsh. "I am happy to see that through federal and local efforts it is again becoming an economic force by way of travel and tourism opportunities. We are very proud of our unique natural environment, from the Finger Lakes to Lake Ontario to the Canal System, and I welcome Secretary Cuomo's energy, his enthusiasm and his ideas."

The economic development package for Syracuse includes an $875,000 Brownfields Economic Development Grant and a $2.1 million Section 108 loan guarantee for the Winkleman project, phase two of development at the Crossroads Commercial and Industrial Park. The funds will be used for environmental remediation and economic development activities.

"I want to thank both Congressman Walsh and Secretary Cuomo for the economic development package being announced today for the City of Syracuse," said Syracuse Mayor Roy A. Bernardi. "Time and again these two men have collaborated to bring significant financial assistance and job opportunities to our center city. As has been demonstrated here today, all of us in Central New York benefit from the leadership of Jim Walsh and Andrew Cuomo."

The 3.1 million in HUD and USDA funds announced in Baldwinsville will support projects in smaller cities and towns in the Central New York area.

"We are all very honored by Secretary Cuomo and Congressman Walsh's decision to come to Baldwinsville to help us officially open the Southshore West Trail today," said Baldwinsville Mayor Dan O'Hara. "We could not have done this project without their help and it is only fitting that they share in our success today. I want to personally thank Secretary Andrew Cuomo for his vision and leadership on this issue. I believe -- as he does -- that the Canal represents a tremendous potential for jobs and economic prosperity for all of us in upstate New York."

Secretary Cuomo then traveled to Fulton where he and Congressman McHugh announced $19.6 million for five counties in the North Country during an afternoon conference call. Cuomo and McHugh also attended a dedication ceremony, along with Fulton Mayor Michael Stafford, at the Fulton Waterfront Plaza where he announced additional Small Cities/Canal Corridor awards.

"The Small Cities and Canal Corridor programs have been instrumental in addressing the economic development needs in this region. I am pleased to welcome Secretary Cuomo back to Oswego County to announce another round of grants. Since his visit here a year ago, we've seen projects funded through these important HUD programs come to fruition, and thus, make real progress toward the goal of economic revitalization," said Congressman McHugh.

"It is truly an honor to have both Secretary Cuomo and Congressman McHugh here in our City for these important announcements. I am especially pleased that Secretary Cuomo has chosen to visit our City and to see first hand what we have been able to accomplish with our Canal Corridor Initiative grants and loans," said City of Fulton Mayor, Michael K. Stafford.

In the evening, Cuomo traveled by boat with Congressman McHugh and Oswego Mayor Terrence Hammill to Oswego Harbor and presided over the opening of Coleman's Irish Pub which has received HUD Canal Corridor Initiative funding.

"Geographers and social historians have always pointed out that particular combinations of land and water are what gives rise to vibrant cities," said Oswego Mayor Hammill. "We, in Oswego are blessed with one of those combinations where the Oswego River flows in to Lake Ontario -- a place of unsurpassing natural beauty. We salute the promise of the Canal Corridor Initiative and the leadership of Secretary Andrew Cuomo in its implementation."

"Without the funding from HUD, we would never have been able to open a second location at the Oswego Marina," said Coleman's Irish Pub owner Peter Coleman. "We're excited about the potential for the new restaurant and hope HUD will continue to partner with communities in Upstate New York to encourage new jobs and economic development."

Today's announcement brings the total to $136.2 million in federal assistance awarded to Canal Corridor communities in New York this week. The funding builds on more than $200 million in assistance provided by HUD through the Canal Corridor Initiative during the past two years to put federal resources to work to revitalize the Canal Corridor region. The locally driven initiative seeks to turn the Canal System and connecting waterways into a major tourism destination that will spark economic development across upstate.

"I am delighted by HUD and USDA's announcement of over $100 million for the revitalization and redevelopment of the Canal Corridor," said Senator Charles Schumer. "We all recognize the enormous potential of the Canal Region, and I am pleased to see steps being taken to help our rural communities prosper. I look forward to continuing to work with Secretaries Andrew Cuomo and Dan Glickman to ensure the economic health of New York State."

HUD, the Department of Agriculture, the National Park Service, local communities and businesses are working in partnership to make the initiative succeed. Federal assistance has gone to over 200 projects along the 524-mile Canal System. New Canal Corridor projects built with this aid include marinas, restaurants, businesses, parks, and trails. Federal assistance has also funded the revitalization and preservation of historic and cultural sites, along with manufacturing and small business development.

The 524-mile New York State Canal System was once a major link between the Northeast and the Midwest. As other forms of transportation took over the Canal's role of a major transport route, the industrial and commercial base of many cities and towns in the region suffered, and they experienced declining populations, urban decay, and high unemployment.


HUD and USDA announced a total of $3.1 million in Small Cities/Canal Corridor aid for two Central New York counties:


Cayuga $1.4 million
Cortland $1.1 million
Onondaga $608,000

HUD and USDA announced a total of $19.6 million in Small Cities/Canal Corridor grants for five North Country counties including:

North Country

Clinton $6.4 million
Essex $2.1 million
Franklin $3.0 million
Fulton $3.2 million
St. Lawrence $4.9 million

HUD and USDA announced a total of $15.5 million in Small Cities/Canal Corridor grants for three counties in the Oswego region:

Jefferson $8.0 million
Lewis $1.0 million
Oswego $6.5 million


WEEDSPORT, V. The Village of Weedsport will use its $400,000 HUD grant for a housing rehabilitation program that will improve low and moderate income owner-occupied and renter-occupied substandard properties. In addition to rehabilitating 30 homes, the Village will replace deteriorated sidewalks.

CAYUGA COUNTY Cayuga County will loan $285,000 in HUD funds to JPK Enterprises as part of a $747,000 expansion of its manufacturing facility located in the City of Auburn. The expansion will create 63 employment opportunities for low and moderate income people and will leverage $462,000 of private investment. 63 $310,000.00 $462,000.00 $772,000.00 CAYUGA
CINCINNATUS, T. The Town of Cincinnatus will revitalize 30 substandard structures, using a $400,000 HUD grant and $33,000 from local resources. The homes to be repaired are in deteriorated condition and are occupied by low-income families. They will improve mechanical systems and address structural deficiencies.
$400,000.00 $33,000.00 $433,000.00 CORTLAND
FREETOWN, T. The Town of Freetown will use $400,000 in CDBG funds to rehabilitate 27 homes occupied by low to moderate income households. The Town will target homes in the most critical conditions. Recipients will receive a grant/loan package to address necessary housing repairs.



KEESEVILLE, V. The Village of Keeseville will use a $400,000 public facilities grant for a wastewater treatment facility project. Upgrading the treatment facility will improve the water quality of the AuSable River. Approximately 686 households will directly benefit from the project. Local leverage totals $2.3 million.
$400,000.00 $2,300,000.00 $2,700,000.00 CLINTON
ESSEX, T. The Town of Essex will use $400,000 of Small Cities CDBG funds to rehabilitate 23 substandard homes that are occupied by low and moderate income people Assistance will be in the form of deferred payment loans. The program design includes major rehabilitation of 20 homes and the replacement of three dilapidated mobile homes.
$400,000.00 $15,000.00 $415,000.00 ESSEX
CHESTERFIELD, T. The Town of Chesterfield will use $400,000 in CDBG funds to install major improvements to its existing water system. This grant, used in conjuction with $225,000 of local resources, will improve the water supply for 138 households in the Scott, Thompson, Clinton and Soper Road areas.
$400,000.00 $225,000.00 $625,000.00 ESSEX
CROWN POINT, T. The Town of Crown Point will use a $400,000 public facilities grant to replace a badly deteriorated water transmission line that serves the Hamlets of Crown Point Center and Crown Point. All 311 households in that area will benefit from the project which will improve water capacity and eliminate costly water leakage.
$400,000.00 $55,000.00 $455,000.00 ESSEX
ESSEX COUNTY Essex County's $400,000 grant will assist 16 first-time homebuyers with purchases of affordable existing houses. The funds will be used to provide downpayment assistance and to reduce mortgage financing. Local lenders will provide $760,000 in bank financing to complement the County's ongoing effort to assist first-time homebuyers.
$400,000.00 $760,000.00 $1,160,000.00 ESSEX
TUPPER LAKE, V. The Village of Tupper Lake will use a $200,000 HUD grant and $392,000 in local bank financing to assist 8 families with first home purchases from the existing housing stock. Funds will be used to subsidize down payments and mortgages and for rehabilitation of homes to be purchased.
$200,000.00 $392,000.00 $592,000.00 FRANKLIN
BOMBAY, T. The Town of Bombay's $400,000 housing rehabilitation grant will enable continued repair of 20 lower-income, substandard homes. The project will also leverage $55,335 in other private investment.
$400,000.00 $55,335.00 $455,335.00 FRANKLIN
MALONE, V. The Village of Malone will use $400,000 in CDBG funding to rehabilitate 24 homes through a village-wide program for low-income elderly residents and single-headed households with dependent children. Severe housing conditions will be repaired, including inadequate heating, electrical systems and structural deficiencies. Local contributions include $258,000 in matching funds.
$400,000.00 $258,000.00 $658,000.00 FRANKLIN
CONSTABLE, T. The Town of Constable will use a $400,000 grant to carry out a program to rehabilitate 35 units of substandard housing occupied by low to moderate income households. Assistance includes 100% grants for owner-occupants and low interest loans to investor-owners.
$400,000.00 $137,895.00 $537,895.00 FRANKLIN
SARANAC LAKE, V. The Village of Saranac Lake will rehabilitate 30 units of housing with its $400,000 HUD grant. The Helen Hill Neighborhood has been designated a high need area by the Village and is in close proximity to downtown shopping, doctors, schools and churches. One structure will be rehabilitated for housing for larger low-income families who are homeless because they are victims of domestic violence. Assistance will be in the form of 100% grants for all income-eligible homeowners. Investors will receive a low interest loan/grant package and be required to make a 20% contribution from private sources.
$400,000.00 $33,373.00 $433,373.00 FRANKLIN
FRANKLIN COUNTY Franklin County will assist 25 families with the purchase of their first home, using a $600,000 HUD grant. Funding will be available countywide. Program participants will receive assistance with downpayment and closing costs, to write down mortgages, and to do necessary repairs to permit the purchase of existing houses. Local lenders will provide $1 million in companion mortgage financing.
$600,000.00 $1,037,500.00 $1,637,500.00 FRANKLIN
JOHNSTOWN, C. The City of Johnstown will use $400,000 of Small Cities CDBG funds to rehabilitate 36 substandard housing units occupied by low and moderate income households. The units are located throughout the City. The program will provide grants for owner-occupied units and matching grants for rental units. The program will leverage approximately $100,000 in other funds.
$400,000.00 $98,638.00 $498,638.00 FULTON
GLOVERSVILLE, C. In an area southeast of the Central Business District, the City of Gloversville will use $400,000 of CDBG funds to rehabilitate 34 units of housing. Grants will be offered to low and moderate income homeowners. Matching grants will enable landlords to improve rental units.
$400,000.00 $51,000.00 $451,000.00 FULTON
MAYFIELD, V. The Village of Mayfield's $400,000 HUD-funded housing rehabilitation program will focus on homes within the Village's newly established sewer district. Grant assistance will enable rehabilitation of 29 units of housing, as well as provide the households with hook-ups to a new sewer system.

FULTON COUNTY Fulton County will use $400,000 in CDBG funds to construct a new access road that will service a $45 million Walmart food distribution facility in the Johnstown Industrial Park. Walmart will create 400 full-time jobs. Additional leveraged financing includes $1 million from DOT, $300,000 from the City of Johnstown and $81,000 from the Fulton County Industrial Development Agency. 400 $400,000.00 $1,381,000.00 $1,781,000.00 FULTON
ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY St. Lawrence County will use a $300,000 HUD grant and $475,000 from USDA to replace an undersized deteriorated wastewater treatment plant in the Town of DeKalb with a new facility. The new treatment plant will greatly increase the capacity. The entire sewer district of 140 households will be served by the project. The HUD grant will be matched by a $475,000 investment from USDA.
$300,000.00 $475,000.00 $775,000.00 ST. LAWRENCE
MASSENA, V. The Village of Massena's home repair program will be funded with a $400,000 Small Cities CDBG award and $190,000 in matching contributions. The program will enable rehabilitation of 24 substandard housing units occupied by low and moderate income households.
$400,000.00 $190,000.00 $590,000.00 ST. LAWRENCE
OGDENSBURG, C. The City of Ogdensburg will use a $300,000 Canal Corridor Initiative grant to complement its Port of Ogdensburg Industrial Project which will stimulate $11,262,000 in private and local investment. A local manufacturer, ACCO Brands, Inc., will construct a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility on ten acres of land in the Port of Ogdensburg Industrial Park. ACCO will create 107 jobs in a new 200,000 square foot facility adjacent to its distribution center. 107 $300,000.00 $11,262,000.00 $11,562,000.00 ST. LAWRENCE
ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY St. Lawrence County has received a $600,000 CDBG grant for two economic development projects. The County will use $210,000 to continue an existing micro-enterprise loan program. Since the start of the program in 1996, 15 loans have been made to micro-enterprise entrepreneurs. The County will use $390,000 of its award to assist 17 families with the purchase of their first home by subsidizing mortgages and down payments. These purchases will be for existing homes on a county-wide basis. 31 $600,000.00 $835,000.00 $1,435,000.00 ST. LAWRENCE
GOUVERNEUR, T. The Town of Gouverneur will use a $400,000 economic development grant to provide technical and financial assistance to startup and existing microenterprise businesses. The program is targeted at creating and retaining jobs for low and moderate income workers. The Town expects to help 22 microenterprises and create 118 new full-time positions. Leveraged funding consists of $92,000 from private sources. 118 $400,000.00 $92,000.00 $492,000.00 ST. LAWRENCE
GOUVERNEUR, V. The Village of Gouverneur will use a $400,000 HUD grant for housing rehabilitation on the Village's East Side. Improvements to 38 homes will include upgrading heating and electrical systems and eliminating structural problems. Leveraging includes $159,145 in local funds.
$400,000.00 $159,145.00 $559,145.00 ST. LAWRENCE
POTSDAM, T. The Town of Potsdam will use its $400,000 HUD grant to rehabilitate 25 substandard owner-occupied homes in rural areas. Households with incomes that are 60% or less of median income will receive 100% grant assistance.
$400,000.00 $80,000.00 $480,000.00 ST. LAWRENCE
ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY The County of St. Lawrence will use its $400,000 HUD grant to carry out a property rehabilitation program on behalf of the Town of Fine. The County will address 24 units of substandard housing occupied by low and moderate income households. Grants and loans will be made available to eligible residents within the Hamlet of Oswegatchie.
$400,000.00 $40,000.00 $440,000.00 ST. LAWRENCE
OGDENSBURG, C. The City of Ogdensburg will provide subsidizes to 20 low and moderate income-first time homebuyers, using $400,000 in HUD funds. This program will stimulate $670,000 in additional local investment. The Town will use CDBG funds to reduce mortgages and lower down payment costs.
$400,000.00 $670,000.00 $1,070,000.00 ST. LAWRENCE
ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY The County of St. Lawrence will carry out a property rehabilitation program on behalf of the Village of Heuvelton. A total of 27 grants and loans will be made available to eligible low and moderate income residents of the central part of the Village.
$400,000.00 $100,000.00 $500,000.00 ST. LAWRENCE


ALEXANDRIA, T. The Towns of Alexandria and Orleans will jointly use a $600,000 Canal Corridor Initiative grant and a $4.4 million USDA investment to support industry development and job growth along the St. Lawrence River Corridor. Funds will assist in providing required infrastructure for a Micro-Tel Motel and associated future development project that will create 40 new jobs and stimulate $2.9 million in private and local investments. 40 $600,000.00 $2,900,000.00 $3,500,000.00 JEFFERSON
WATERTOWN, C. The City of Watertown will use a $400,000 HUD grant to offer a housing rehabilitation program for low income owner-occupants on a city-wide basis. CDBG assistance for property rehabilitation will be provided in the form of grants and low-interest loans to 25 households with 31 housing units.

LEWIS COUNTY Lewis County will use a $500,000 economic development grant to recapitalize its micro enterprise business program. The project is expected to create 68 full time jobs. The County is contributing $28,000 and two local lenders have committed $1.7 million for eligible projects. 68 $500,000.00 $1,728,000.00 $2,228,000.00 LEWIS
OSWEGO, C. The City of Oswego will use a $300,000 Canal Corridor Initiative grant to finance its CCI Small Business Development Loan Pool. Oswego will loan funds to new or existing businesses in the canal area. The program will create 14 jobs and stimulate $270,000 in private investment. The City is currently using $2.4 million from a Section 108 loan to fund large-scale development projects. This new loan pool will assist smaller projects requiring loan amounts in the range of $20,000 to $100,000. 14 $300,000.00 $270,000.00 $570,000.00 OSWEGO
OSWEGO COUNTY Oswego County will use a $400,000 CDBG HUD economic development grant to assist with construction of a 21,000-square-foot building in the Lake Ontario Industrial Park in the City of Oswego. The building will house the Lake Ontario Woodworks Shop, which will create 15 full-time jobs for low and moderate income people. The County will also provide space for the One Stop Career Center, which will provide job training and employment referrals to 6000 people who are low and moderate income, currently unemployed or economically disadvantaged. The County expects to contribute $482,000 and $90,000 from private sources. 15 $400,000.00 $572,000.00 $972,000.00 OSWEGO
OSWEGO COUNTY Oswego County will use $200,000 of CDBG funding to rehabilitate 20 homes that are in substandard condition. The County will target assistance to low-income elderly and disabled homeowners who are living in Albion, Amboy, Orwell and Williamstown. The program leverages over $300,000 in state, private and local funding.
$200,000.00 $300,000.00 $500,000.00 OSWEGO
PULASKI, V. The Village of Pulaski will use $400,000 of Community Development Block Grant funds to construct new storm sewer lines to complete the system villagewide. Over 1,000 households will benefit. The Village will complete the improvements with an investment of $3 million of its local funds.
$400,000.00 $3,072,000.00 $3,472,000.00 OSWEGO
FULTON, C. The City of Fulton will use a $400,000 HUD grant for a water and sewer project and to construct a new access road to the Sealright Campus. Sealright will install a new printing press, expand warehouse space and create 60 jobs. Leverage includes $5 million from Sealright, $480,000 from the City of Fulton, and $500,000 from the Department of Transportation. 60 $400,000.00 $5,980,000.00 $6,380,000.00 OSWEGO


Content Archived: January 20, 2009

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