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HUD No. 99-154
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Funding breakdown and project descriptions attached

LITTLE FALLS, NY - Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo started the fifth and last day of his cross state tour of the Erie Canal corridor with the announcement of $16.7 million in joint HUD and U.S. Department of Agriculture aid for Mohawk Valley communities.

Secretary Cuomo began the day boating on the Mohawk River with Congressman Sherwood L. Boehlert and Little Falls Mayor G. Craig Hebert and then traveled to Little Falls. The City of Little Falls received $400,000 in Small Cities aid and $300,000 in Canal Corridor Initiative funding.

"New York's natural and manmade waterways once made the state the center of national commerce ," said Cuomo. "Those waterways can be our economic engine once again. Our two year investment of more than $200 million in new federal funds has already brought new business and jobs to the region. The National Parks Service has already witnessed a 30% increase in tourism in the Canal corridor. Our optimism about the spirit and drive of New Yorkers was well-placed. By priming the economic pump with our initiative, cities like Little Falls are making positive strides toward a more prosperous future."

Congressman Boehlert said: "In Central New York, we are rediscovering a local strength. The Erie Canal helped our communities grow and prosper into the Empire State. We are creating vital partnerships to restore its power of growth and renewal. We are finding that new economic, environmental, historic, cultural, recreational, and travel and tourism opportunities abound. I am especially grateful for Secretary Cuomo's leadership and vision in all this. HUD and the National Park Service are working diligently with our towns, small cities, and state to help revitalize the Canal communities and build a strong and vibrant future."

Mayor Hebert said: "I am honored and overjoyed to welcome Secretary Cuomo to our community. His dedication and compassion to Upstate New York are making a real difference in people's lives by creating jobs and housing opportunities. The grants being announced today will have a powerful impact in promoting both economic development and tourism to the Mohawk Valley and to the City of Little Falls."

During the stop in Little Falls, Secretary Cuomo and USDA State Director Jim Bays, on behalf of Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman, announced Small Cities/Canal Corridor and Rural Development aid to the following counties:

Chenango $5.4 million
Herkimer $2.7 million
Madison $2.5 million
Oneida $2.5 million
Otsego $1.9 million
Schoharie $1.7 million

The Cuomo family's week-long trip through upstate New York tourism sites have highlighted the historic, cultural and recreational attractions in Canal Corridor communities. Cuomo, his wife Kerry Kennedy Cuomo, twin daughters Cara and Mariah, and Congressmen and local officials from across the state traveled the Canal Corridor by boat, bike, and road from Buffalo to Albany.

Today's announcement in Little Falls brings the total to $152.9 million in federal assistance awarded to Canal Corridor Communities in New York so far this week. The awards build on more than $200 million in assistance provided through the Canal Corridor Initiative during the past two years. HUD's Canal Corridor Initiative began in 1997 by Cuomo to put federal resources to work as part of a long-term and coordinated commitment to revitalize communities along the Canal Corridor and elsewhere in upstate New York. The locally driven initiative seeks to turn the Canal Corridor into a major tourism destination that will spark economic development across upstate.

"I am delighted by HUD and USDA's announcement of funding for the revitalization and redevelopment of the Canal Corridor," said Senator Charles Schumer. "We all recognize the enormous potential of the Canal Region, and I am pleased to see steps being taken to help our rural communities prosper. I look forward to continuing to work with Secretaries Cuomo and Glickman to ensure the economic health of New York State."

HUD, the Department of Agriculture, the National Park Service, local communities and businesses are working in partnership to make the initiative succeed. Federal assistance has gone to more than 200 projects along the 524-mile canal system. New Canal Corridor projects built with this aid span the state and include new marinas, restaurants, recreational businesses, parks, walkways and bike paths. Federal assistance has also funded the reconstruction and preservation of historic and cultural sites, along with the development of new manufacturing and small business development.

The 524-mile New York State Canal System was once a major link between the Northeast and the Midwest. As other forms of transportation took over the Canal's role of a major transport route, the industrial and commercial base of many cities and towns in the region suffered. These cities experienced declining populations, urban decay, and high unemployment.

The Initiative complements the New York State Canal Revitalization Program, both in its details and overall goals. It is based on a careful review of existing state and local plans for the region, including the landmark New York State Recreationway Plan, completed in 1995. As a result, it provides a template for close cooperation between federal, state and local governments in revitalizing the Canal Corridor.


NORWICH The City of Norwich will received $88,000 in HUD funds as working capital for the expansion of Chenango Place Products. This unique non-profit business enterprise will convert a summer youth program to a year-round employment initiative for at-risk youth. It is expected that the program will create 3 full-time equivalent jobs. 3 $88,000.00 $88,000.00 CHENANGO
PITCHER The Town of Pitcher will use its $400,000 Small Cities CDBG to rehabilitate 29 substandard units occupied by low income households in the Route 26 Corridor Target Area. Owner-occupied households will receive grants and investor owners will receive a grant/loan package. Investor owners will provide 10% of the cost. $400,000.00 $22,400.00 $422,400.00 CHENANGO
FRANKFORT The Village of Frankfort will use a $400,000 HUD housing grant to rehabilitate 32 units occupied by low and moderate income persons. Home repairs will include improvements to mechanical systems and structural elements. $400,000.00 $400,000.00 HERKIMER
LITTLE FALLS Little Falls' $400,000 housing grant will focus on the West Main Street area adjacent to the Erie Canal. This second phase of a canalside housing improvement program will address the most severe remaining housing needs. The program includes grants to low and moderate income homeowners and loans to landlords who rent to income eligible tenants. It is estimated that a total of 26 housing units will be improved. $400,000.00 $400,000.00 HERKIMER
DOLGEVILLE The Village of Dolgeville will carry out a property rehabilitation program to address 25 substandard homes occupied by low and moderate income households with a $400,000 HUD housing grant. Grant and loan assistance will be provided to homeowners and investor owners. $400,000.00 $40,000.00 $440,000.00 HERKIMER
HERKIMER COUNTY Herkimer County will use a $525,000 economic development grant for an expansion project at the North Hudson Woodcraft Corporation in Dolgeville. Funding will enable the purchase of the state-of-the-art wood processing equipment needed to improve the company's manufacturing efficiency. This project is expected to create 30 new jobs over the next three years, and leverage $1.5 million in other funds. 30 $525,000.00 $1,510,000.00 $2,035,000.00 HERKIMER
LITTLE FALLS The City of Little Falls will use $300,000 in Canal Corridor Initiative funding to acquire the former Shoppers Square Complex. The project will create 62 new jobs through redevelopment of the complex for commercial and retail use. Additional project funding includes a $500,000 Section 108 CCI loan and $500,000 in private investment. Revitalization of the Shoppers Square Complex will complement Main Street canopy and streetscape improvements already completed with CDBG funds. 62 $300,000.00 $500,000.00 $800,000.00 HERKIMER
MADISON COUNTY Madison County will use a $600,000 HUD grant to provide first-time homebuyer opportunities for 32 low and moderate income families. Subsidies made available through the program will make mortgages more affordable for participants. The County will target areas and groups that have not benefited from previous programs. $600,000.00 $1,535,000.00 $2,135,000.00 MADISON
BROOKFIELD The Town of Brookfield will use a $400,000 grant to rehabilitate 28 housing structures occupied by low and moderate income persons. Home repairs will improve mechanical systems and address structural deficiencies. $400,000.00 $12,000.00 $412,000.00 MADISON
LENOX The Town of Lenox will improve 31 housing units occupied by low and moderate income persons in the Lenox Point target area, using a $400,000 HUD grant. The area is adjacent to the Erie Canal. The program will address inadequate heating systems and enable structural improvements. The Town will provide grants to homeowners and loans to rental property owners. $400,000.00 $25,000.00 $425,000.00 MADISON
ONEIDA COUNTY Oneida County will use its $420,000 grant for development of a regional child care facility in the Par Technology Park located in the Town of New Hartford. This project will create 25 new full-time employment opportunities. Private and local investment totals $825,000. 25 $420,000.00 $825,000.00 $1,245,000.00 ONEIDA
SYLVAN BEACH The Village of Sylvan Beach will use its $400,000 HUD grant for a housing rehabilitation program. Twenty-seven units of substandard housing occupied by low and moderate income households will be repaired. Assistance will be provided in the form of grants for owner occupants and low interest loans and grants for investors. $400,000.00 $12,500.00 $412,500.00 ONEIDA
PLAINFIELD The Town of Plainfield will use its $400,000 HUD grant to improve homes in the Southern Unadilla Target Area. Their program has been designed to eliminate serious structural and mechanical deficiencies in 27 substandard homes occupied by low and moderate residents. Many of the deficiencies threaten the health and safety of the residents. $400,000.00 $11,809.00 $411,809.00 OTSEGO
EDMESTON The Town of Edmeston will undertake major improvements to its outdated water system with a $400,000 grant. The Town will install a new pumping station, water transmission lines, and a new primary reservoir. $400,000.00 $40,000.00 $440,000.00 OTSEGO
CONESVILLE The Town of Conesville will rehabilitate 25 homes with the most substandard conditions using a $400,000 HUD grant. The project will correct code violations, upgrade inadequate septic systems, ensure adequate supplies of water, provide safe electrical systems, replace deteriorated roofs and provide heating systems and sound foundations. $400,000.00 $46,000.00 $446,000.00 SCHOHARIE
GILBOA The Town of Gilboa will focus its $400,000 HUD grant on the housing problems of the poorest families residing in the most seriously substandard housing. The program will provide grants for rehabilitation of 23 owner-occupied units. $400,000.00 $46,000.00 $446,000.00 SCHOHARIE


  • Sunday, August 15 - Inner harbor celebration and community picnic in Buffalo. Boating on Lake Erie with Congressmen John LaFalce and Jack Quinn, accompanied by Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman.

  • Monday, August 16 - Biking with Secretary Glickman along the Erie Canal towpath from Pittsford to Fairport. Boating along the Erie Canal with Congresswoman Louise Slaughter and Congressman Thomas Reynolds and visiting the Erie Canal Cultural Center in Lyons and attending a community picnic in Geneva.

  • Tuesday, August 17 - Touring the Elizabeth Cady Stanton home, Baldwin House, and the Women's Rights National Historic Park with National Park Service Director Robert Stanton in Seneca Falls. Touring Goose Watch Winery in Romulus with aides to Congressman Amo Houghton, and boating on Cayuga Lake and the Seneca Canal. Visiting the Old Port Harbor in Ithaca.

  • Wednesday, August 18 - Fishing with Congressman James Walsh on Skaneateles Lake, boating along the Seneca River to Baldwinsville and dedicating a new park. Also, dedicating a waterfront marina in Fulton with Congressman John McHugh and presiding over the grand opening of Coleman's Irish Pub on the Canal in Oswego.

  • Thursday, August 19 - Boating on the Mohawk River to Little Falls with Congressman Sherwood Boehlert. Participating in a major economic development event Green Island with Congressman Michael McNulty.

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