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HUD No. 99-233
Further Information:For Release
In the Washington, DC area: 202/708-0685Tuesday
Or contact your local HUD officeNovember 16, 1999


  • Public Housing Drug Elimination Grants
  • Multifamily Housing Drug Elimination Grants
  • New Approach Drug Elimination Grants

    WASHINGTON - Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo today awarded $261 million in grants to fight drug abuse and other crime in public housing and privately owned housing subsidized by HUD across the country.

    "These grants will protect some of the poorest and most vulnerable American families from being terrorized by drug dealers and gangs, and will save lives," Cuomo said. "The grants will give young people new opportunities to avoid drug abuse, to grow up healthy and safe, and to build better futures."

    Here's how the grants will be distributed:

    • $226.6 million in Drug Elimination Program Grants to 891 public housing authorities located in 47 states, plus the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico and Washington, DC to fight crime and drug abuse in public housing developments.

    • $18.6 million to 84 privately owned HUD-subsidized housing developments in 26 states and Puerto Rico for a similar drug elimination program called the New Approach Anti-Drug Program (formerly known as the Safe Neighborhood Grant Program). These grants are awarded to fight drug abuse and drug-related crime in and around the neighborhoods of these developments.

    • $16.2 million to 124 privately owned HUD-subsidized apartment developments in 38 states, Puerto Rico, and Washington, DC from the Multifamily Drug Elimination Program to fight drug abuse and drug-related crime in the immediate surroundings of the developments.

    Activities funded by HUD grants awarded today include:

    • Reimbursing law enforcement agencies for assigning extra police officers to patrol housing developments.

    • Hiring private security guards and investigators to assist police in keeping developments safe.

    • Funding resident anti-crime patrols that work in partnership with law enforcement officers.

    • Physical improvements to housing developments to enhance security - such as fencing, lighting and improved locks.

  • Drug prevention, education, counseling and treatment programs. These include programs to provide educational, job training and recreational activities to young people as alternatives to drug abuse and crime.

    HUD has awarded more than $1.9 billion in Drug Elimination Grants since 1989, including the grants being awarded this year.

    Here is a list of funds that went to housing authorities and apartment owners around the country from the all three grants announced today:

    Alabama $8,212,276 Montana $215,982
    Alaska $293,621 Nebraska $892,812
    Arizona $1,787,832 New Hampshire $618,400
    Arkansas $1,492,398 New Jersey $11,495,586
    California $10,519,699 New Mexico $954,303
    Colorado $1,316,857 New York $41,853,796
    Connecticut $4,415,711 Nevada $1,032,914
    District of Columbia $2,596,104 North Carolina $8,997,036
    Delaware $843,681 North Dakota $135,483
    Florida $11,313,628 Ohio $13,084,113
    Georgia $8,944,234 Oklahoma $2,543,398
    Guam $165,175 Oregon $2,137,582
    Hawaii $1,189,218 Pennsylvania $14,019,766
    Idaho $60,190 Puerto Rico $13,671,033
    Illinois $14,707,370 Rhode Island $1,519,334
    Indiana $3,905,447 South Carolina $3,669,901
    Iowa $496,190 Tennessee $7,176,438
    Kansas $1,300,761 Texas $11,131,240
    Kentucky $3,748,350 Utah $531,890
    Louisiana $5,760,841 Vermont $250,000
    Maine $1,221,719 Virgin Islands $941,345
    Maryland $6,437,550 Virginia $5,222,673
    Massachusetts $7,678,589 Washington $3,676,725
    Michigan $3,907,165 West Virginia $1,260,026
    Minnesota $2,907,570 Wisconsin $1,608,576
    Mississippi $3,015,165
    Missouri $3,763,557

    Content Archived: January 20, 2009

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