PATH-CoRP Grant Awardees


Following is a list showing each of the PATH-CoRP grant awardees, the company location, the PATH-CoRP project, the amount of the federal cost share, the amount of company cost share, and the total partnership investment:

AeRock, LLC
Littleton, Colo.

Fiber-fly ash composite building system
$187,770 Federal
$125,180 Company
$312,950 Total

Benchmark Resources, Inc.
Auburn Hills, Mich.
Insulated concrete panel technology
$200,000 Federal
$374,691 Company
$574,691 Total

Persimmon Homes, LLC
Atlanta, Ga.

Optimized building system for locations where construction personnel are scarce
$133,500 Federal
$195,660 Company
$329,160 Total

PowerLight Corporation
Berkeley, Calif.

Solar roof cooling and electricity generation
$197,780 Federal
$131,154 Company
$328,934 Total

Steven Winter Associates, Inc.
Norwalk, Conn.

Energy-saving thermostat with variable deadband control $186,346 Federal
$ 90,000 Company
$276,346 Total

W. Brandt Goldsworthy & Associates, Inc.
Torrance, Calif.

Automatically machined and snap-locking insulated wall panels
$157,221 Federal
$ 67,562 Company
$224,783 Total

Last updated June 23, 2000

Content Archived: December 13, 2009