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WASHINGTON U.S. Housing and Urban Development Deputy Secretary Saul Ramirez and D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams kicked-off at 1 p.m. today a "Best Practices" conference that during the next four days will showcase innovative ways that urban and rural communities are tackling problems such as homelessness, inadequate housing and lack of jobs and economic opportunity.

The meeting -- HUD's Second Annual Best Practices and Technical Assistance Symposium -- will run through Thursday at the Washington Hilton. Hundreds of representatives from Federal, state and local governments, universities, community-based organizations and faith-based groups are expected to attend.

"The goal of this conference," said HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo, "is to bring together individuals from all levels of government and other groups so that we see first-hand the innovative solutions that work. We must come together and share ideas and information if we're going to ensure that every resident has a decent place to live and a decent job."

"We're here to learn from one another," Ramirez said. "This is another example of how HUD is partnering with local communities, becoming more inclusive as we all try to find the best way to meet our shared goals."

During the conference more than 400 of the nation's most innovative programs will compete for HUD's top 100 "Best of the Best" awards that will be presented by Cuomo on Thursday. These top 100, selected from more than 2,800 nominated programs from around the country, will compete in the following categories:

  • Fighting Fair Housing

  • Increasing Affordable Housing and Homeownership

  • Reducing Homelessness

  • Promoting Jobs and Economic Opportunity

  • Empowering People and Communities

  • Restoring Public Trust

"This is a powerful example of what people can accomplish when they join forces in a common goal," Williams said. "In the District, we're using best practices to make public housing more livable and homeownership a reality through counseling, financial assistance and innovative partnerships with the business community."

A HUD "Best Practice" is defined as a program or project, management tool or technique that fulfills at least two of the following:

  • Generates a significant positive impact on those it is intended to serve or manage

  • Can be replicated in other areas of the country, region or local jurisdiction

  • Demonstrates the effect use of partnerships among government agencies, non-profit organizations or private businesses

  • Displays creativity in addressing a problem or leveraging of resources

Symposium workshops will focus on providing technical assistance on such issues as fair housing, homeownership, community development, public housing, homelessness and economic development.

Cuomo will also announce the findings of a report to President Clinton titled, "A Promise Being Fulfilled: The Transformation of America's Public Housing." This report documents the accomplishments of the Administration's effort to meet America's housing needs.

The conference is being held at the Washington Hilton, 1919 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC.

The conference press room is in the Chevy Chase Room, located on the level ABOVE the ballroom. The telephone numbers, all area code 202, in the media room are: 797-4838, 797-4839, and 797-4819. The fax number is: 797-4511.


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