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June 16, 2020

Funding will provide HUD-approved housing counseling for millions of Americans

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) today awarded nearly $40 million in housing counseling grants to help over one million individuals and families access HUD-approved housing counseling to help them avoid foreclosure and make more informed homebuying and rental choices.

The grants awarded today will directly support the housing counseling services provided by 204 HUD-approved local housing counseling agencies, national and regional organizations, and state housing finance agencies (SHFAs). Recipients of these grants competed through the Department's two-year (FY 2019 and 2020) Comprehensive Housing Counseling Grant Program Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) published May 24, 2019.

"HUD-approved housing counseling agencies are on the front lines of helping individuals and families struggling financially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic," said HUD Secretary Ben Carson. "These housing counselors help individuals and families in need to get mortgage payment relief assistance now, and to take the steps necessary to save their homes in the future."

HUD-approved housing counseling agencies provide services to address a full range of housing counseling needs. This includes assisting homebuyers in evaluating their readiness for a home purchase and navigating through the homebuying process. Nearly half of the state and local counseling agencies that were awarded HUD grants received preference because they will provide counseling to individuals and families within designated Opportunity Zones (see attached list).

"Today's funding reinforces HUD's commitment to the important role counseling plays in helping families make responsible choices to address their housing needs," said Acting Federal Housing Commissioner Len Wolfson. "In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, HUD-approved counselors are there to assist millions of homeowners and renters nationwide and help them keep a roof over their heads."

HUD-approved housing counseling agencies also help households find affordable rental housing, offer financial literacy training to individuals and families, and provide foreclosure prevention counseling. In addition to providing counseling to homeowners and renters, HUD-approved housing counseling agencies support emergency preparedness and disaster recovery efforts, assist homeless persons in finding transitional housing, and help seniors determine whether a reverse mortgage makes sense for them.

In Fiscal Year 2019, HUD-approved housing counseling agencies served 1,015,911 households. Approximately 52 percent of those households were minorities, including 38 percent African American and 10 percent identified as multiple races. Additionally, 19 percent of households served were Hispanic.

There are many ways to locate a HUD-approved housing counseling agency. Visit HUD's website or call (800) 569-4287 for our interactive telephone directory.

The following is a state-by-state breakdown of the funding announced today:

Office of Housing Counseling

FY20 Comprehensive Housing Counseling Awards - HUD-718 Attachment

State City HCS ID Grant Number Agency Name
Total FY20 Award
  Florence 80197 HC200421012 Community Action Agency Of Northwest Alabama, Inc.
  Huntsville 80198 HC200421014 Community Action Partnership Huntsville/Madison & Limestone
  Decatur 82231 HC200421013 Community Action Partnership Of North Alabama, Inc.
  Tuscaloosa 80199 HC200421017 Community Service Programs Of West Alabama, Inc.
  Birmingham 82746 HC200011025 United Way Of Central Alabama Inc.*
Alabama State Total
  Harrison 82081 HC200821019 Northwest Regional Housing Authority
  Little Rock 84020 HC200821021 Southern Bancorp Community Partners Dba "Community Partners"*
  Russellville 80022 HC200821023 Universal Housing Development Corporation
Arkansas State Total
  San Francisco 82197 HC200921001 Asian, Inc.
  Vacaville 80142 HC200921013 City Of Vacaville
  Concord 90199 HC200011019 Consumer Credit Counseling Service Of San Francisco*
  Hayward 80139 HC200921003 Eden Council For Hope And Opportunity
  San Rafael 84852 HC200921004 Fair Housing Advocates Of Northern California
  Riverside 83810 HC200921005 Fair Housing Council Of Riverside County, Inc.
  Modesto 82528 HC200921007 Habitat For Humanity, Stanislaus
  Oakland 80759 HC200011007 National Assoc. Of Real Estate Brokers, Inv Div Housing Cns.*
  Milpitas 81203 HC200921011 Project Sentinel, Inc.
  West Sacramento 82559 HC200011013 Rural Community Assistance Corporation*
  San Francisco 81472 HC200921012 San Francisco Housing Development Corporation
  Riverside 82722 HC200011024 Springboard Nonprofit Consumer Credit Management, Inc. (
California State Total
  Denver 80814 HC200841001 Colorado Housing And Finance Authority*
Colorado State Total
  Hartford 84080 HC200321048 Community Renewal Team, Inc.
  Rocky Hill 81218 HC200341008 Connecticut Housing Finance Authority*
Connecticut State Total
District of Columbia
  Washington 80216 HC200321052 Housing Counseling Services*
  Washington 80221 HC200321026 Marshall Heights Community Development Organization*
  Washington 82339 HC200011011 National Coalition For Asian Pacific American Community Dev.
  Washington 84434 HC200011014 National Community Reinvestment Coalition
  Washington 80751 HC200011004 National Foundation For Credit Counseling*
  Washington 80754 HC200011005 Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation Dba Neighborworks Amer*
  Washington 80758 HC200011006 UnidosUS*
District of Columbia State Total
  Davie 84819 HC200421001 Adopt a Hurricane Family, Inc.
  Fort Myers 81174 HC200421002 Affordable Homeownership Foundation Inc.
  Pensacola 81196 HC200421015 Community Enterprise Investments Inc.
  Melbourne 81271 HC200421016 Community Housing Initiative, Inc.
  Port Charlotte 84939 HC200421018 Comprehensive Housing Resources, Inc.
  Plantation 84804 HC200421019 Consolidated Credit Solutions, Inc.
  West Palm Beach 81215 HC200431001 Credit Card Management Services, Inc.
  Lighthouse Point 90116 HC200431002 Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp.*
  Jacksonville 84859 HC200421022 Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville, Inc.*
  Jacksonville 82224 HC200421028 Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, Inc.
  Fort Myers 84401 HC200421030 Lee County Housing Development Corporation
  Daytona Beach 81466 HC200421034 Mid-Florida Housing Partnership, Inc.
  Ocala 81664 HC200421035 Ocala Housing Authority
  Opa-locka 82411 HC200421036 Opa-Locka Community Development Corporation, Inc.
  Tampa 84639 HC200421039 Solitas House Inc.
  St Augustine 90443 HC200421042 St Johns County Board Of County Commissioners
  Sarasota 80048 HC200421043 Step Up Suncoast, Inc.
  Tallahassee 80061 HC200421045 Tallahassee Urban League, Inc.
  Clearwater 81370 HC200421046 Tampa Bay Community Development Corporation
  Lake Alfred 80049 HC200421047 The Agricultural and Labor Program, Incorporated*
  Fort Myers 84403 HC200421025 The Housing Authority of the City of Fort Myers*
  West Palm Beach 81044 HC200421049 West Palm Beach Housing Authority
Florida State Total
  Griffin 82241 HC200421003 Affordable Housing Enterprises Inc.
  Rome 81266 HC200421004 Appalachian Housing Redevelopment Corporation*
  Athens 82510 HC200421005 Area Committee To Improve Opportunities Now, Inc.
  Albany 80260 HC200421009 City Of Albany Dept Of Community & Economic Development
  Atlanta 81208 HC200441001 Georgia Housing And Finance*
  Atlanta 84855 HC200431003 Operation Hope*
  Stone Mountain 84149 HC200421037 Refugee Family Assistance Program
  Atlanta 83890 HC200421044 Summech Community Development Corporation, Inc.*
Georgia State Total
  Wailuku 90276 HC200921006 Habitat For Humanity Maui, Inc.*
  Honolulu 80972 HC200921009 Legal Aid Society Of Hawaii
Hawaii State Total
  Boise 81204 HC200941001 Idaho Housing And Finance Association
Idaho State Total
  Chicago 90062 HC200011029 Housing Action Illinois*
  Carlinville 83860 HC200421033 Macoupin County Housing Authority
  Chicago 84399 HC200421038 Smart Women / Smart Money Educational Foundation (Dba Smh)*
  Springfield 82240 HC200421041 Springfield Housing Authority
  Joliet 80129 HC200421051 Will County Center For Community Concerns
Illinois State Total
  Bloomington 80266 HC200421010 City Of Bloomington*
  Mitchell 80279 HC200421024 Hoosier Uplands Economic Development Corporation*
  Indianapolis 82529 HC200441002 Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority*
  Tell City 80703 HC200421031 Lincoln Hills Development Corporation*
Indiana State Total
  Sioux City 80262 HC200821003 Center For Siouxland
  Dubuque 82531 HC200821010 Eastern Iowa Regional Housing Authority
  Waterloo 81088 HC200821011 Family Management Financial Solutions, Inc.
  Des Moines 82457 HC200821013 Home Opportunities Made Easy, Inc. (HOME, Inc.)*
  Muscatine 80038 HC200821029 Muscatine, City Of D/B/A Muscatine Municipal Housing Agency*
Iowa State Total
  Campbellsville 80146 HC200421006 Campbellsville Housing & Redevelopment Authority*
  Gray 84484 HC200421029 Kceoc Community Action Partnership
  Frankfort 81213 HC200441003 Kentucky Housing Corporation*
  Bowling Green 84247 HC200421032 Live The Dream Development, Inc.*
Kentucky State Total
  Baton Rouge 80867 HC200841002 Louisiana Housing Corporation
Louisiana State Total
  Augusta 81227 HC200341002 Maine State Housing Authority
Maine State Total
  Cumberland 90373 HC200321003 Allegany County Human Resources Development Commission, Inc.*
  Annapolis 81851 HC200321004 Arundel Community Development Services, Inc.
  Riverdale 90394 HC200331001 Centro de Apoyo Familiar*
  Baltimore 90120 HC200321010 Comprehensive Housing Assistance, Inc.
  Columbia 90302 HC200011021 Consumer Credit Counseling Service Of Maryland And Delaware*
  Windsor Mill 84922 HC200321012 Diversified Housing Development, Inc.
  Baltimore 84557 HC200321015 Garwyn Oaks Northwest Housing Resource Center
  Hagerstown 83896 HC200321018 Hagerstown Neighborhood Development Partnership, Inc.
  Bel Air 80331 HC200321019 Harford County, Maryland
  Joppa 81069 HC200321051 Home Partnership Inc.
  Riverdale 80816 HC200011008 Homefree Usa, Inc.*
  Hyattsville 81843 HC200321023 Housing Initiative Partnership, Inc.*
  Salisbury 80334 HC200321036 Shore'Up
  Hughesville 81350 HC200321037 Southern Maryland Tri-County Community Action Committee
  Frederick 81056 HC200321014 The City Of Frederick
  Hagerstown 81797 HC200321040 Washington County Community Action Council*
Maryland State Total
  Boston 84865 HC200321001 Action For Boston Community Development, Inc.
  Fall River 81032 HC200321007 Catholic Social Services - Fall River*
  Boston 81504 HC200811001 Citizens' Housing And Planning Association, Inc.*
  Stoneham 81850 HC200321049 Community Service Network, Inc.*
  Boston 90101 HC200011018 Neighborhood Stabilization Corporation
  Taunton 81747 HC200321032 Pro-Home, Inc.*
  Springfield 82447 HC200321038 Springfield Partners For Community Action, Inc.*
  Boston 80989 HC200011009 The Housing Partnership Network*
Massachusetts State Total
  Bay City 82922 HC200321005 Bay Area Housing, Inc.*
  Jackson 83679 HC200321009 Community Action Agency*
  Grand Rapids 80310 HC200321016 Grand Rapids Urban League*
  Farmington Hills 84871 HC200011017 Greenpath, Inc.*
  Charlotte 90079 HC200321024 Housing Services Mid Michigan*
  Lansing 81228 HC200341003 Michigan State Housing Development Authority
  Traverse City 80312 HC200321028 Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency, Inc.
  Pontiac 82025 HC200321030 Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency
  Pontiac 80711 HC200321029 Oakland, County Of
Michigan State Total
  St. Cloud 80822 HC200821027 Catholic Charities Of The Diocese Of St. Cloud*
  Saint Paul 82238 HC200011022 Minnesota Homeownership Center*
  St. Paul 80162 HC200821022 Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services*
Minnesota State Total
  Jackson 80035 HC200421052 Housing Education And Economic Development, Inc.
  Jackson 82376 HC200441004 Mississippi Home Corporation*
  Jackson 82507 HC200011023 Mississippi Homebuyer Education Center*
Mississippi State Total
  Independence 81128 HC200821008 Community Services League Of Jackson County*
  University City 90300 HC200011020 Housing Options Provided For The Elderly, Inc.*
  Kansas City 90400 HC200821017 Neighborhood Housing Services Of Kansas City, Inc.
  St. Louis 82040 HC200821026 Youth Education And Health In Soulard
Missouri State Total
  Great Falls 83698 HC200011027 Montana Homeownership Network Dba Neighborworks Montana*
Montana State Total
  Fairbury 90219 HC200821002 Blue Valley Community Action, Inc.*
  Omaha 82478 HC200831001 Credit Advisors Foundation
  Omaha 80556 HC200821028 Family Housing Advisory Services, Inc.
  Chadron 81530 HC200821012 High Plains Community Development Corp., Inc.
Nebraska State Total
New Hampshire
  Bedford 81229 HC200341004 New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority*
New Hampshire State Total
New Jersey
  Marmora 81761 HC200331002 Consumer Credit And Budget Counseling, Inc.*
  Manalapan 84870 HC200411001 Garden State Ccc, Inc. Dba Navicore Solutions*
  Trenton 84009 HC200011028 Housing And Community Development Network Of New Jersey*
  Trenton 81231 HC200341005 New Jersey Housing And Mortgage Finance Agency*
  Union City 80255 HC200321053 North Hudson Community Action Corporation
  Paterson 81792 HC200321022 Paterson Housing Authority*
  Audubon 80409 HC200321035 Senior Citizens United Community Services, Inc.
New Jersey State Total
New York
  Belmont 83459 HC200321002 Allegany County Community Opportunities & Rural Development*
  Brooklyn 90253 HC200321017 Greater Sheepshead Bay Development Corporation
  New York 81639 HC200011010 National Urban League*
  New York 82772 HC200011026 New York Mortgage Coalition, Inc.*
  New York 80938 HC200341001 New York State Housing Finance Agency*
  Niagara Falls 84845 HC200321027 Niagara Falls Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc.
  Rochester 90142 HC200011030 Pathstone Corporation*
  Far Rockaway 81091 HC200321034 Rockaway Dev & Revitalization
  New York 82204 HC200321039 Strycker's Bay Neighborhood Council, Inc.
  New York 90284 HC200321008 The Center for New York City Neighborhoods, Inc.
New York State Total
North Carolina
  Siler 83853 HC200421008 Chatham County Housing Authority
  Greensboro 82576 HC200421026 Housing Authority Of The City Of Greensboro*
  High Point 81642 HC200421027 Housing Authority Of The City Of High Point
  Raleigh 90188 HC200011031 North Carolina Housing Coalition
  Raleigh 84494 HC200011015 Telamon Corporation*
  New Bern 81665 HC200421048 Twin Rivers Opportunities, Inc.
  Hickory 80193 HC200421050 Western Piedmont Council Of Governments*
North Carolina State Total
  Cleveland 80421 HC200321047 Community Housing Solutions*
  Dayton 81033 HC200321011 County Corp*
  Akron 81234 HC200321050 Fair Housing Contact Service, Inc.
  Painesville 82134 HC200321013 Fair Housing Resource Center, Inc.*
  Lima 84585 HC200321041 West Ohio Community Action Partnership
  Cincinnati 83451 HC200321043 Working In The Neighborhoods*
  Fremont 82239 HC200321044 Wsos Community Action Commission Inc.*
  Youngstown 84158 HC200321045 Youngstown Metro Housing Authority
  Youngstown 82697 HC200321046 Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation
Ohio State Total
  Oklahoma City 81015 HC200821005 Community Action Agency Of Okc & Ok/Canadian Counties, Inc.
  Enid 81135 HC200821007 Community Development Support Association, Inc. (Cdsa)
  Hugo 81317 HC200821014 Housing Authority Of The Choctaw Nation Of Oklahoma*
  TULSA 81255 HC200821015 Housing Partners Of Tulsa, Inc.
  Tulsa 84311 HC200821020 Quickcert, Inc.
Oklahoma State Total
  La Grande 83237 HC200921002 Community Connection Of Northeast Oregon, Inc.*
  McMinnville 81970 HC200921008 Housing Authority of Yamhill County (HAYC)*
  Hillsboro 80013 HC200921010 Open Door Counseling Center*
Oregon State Total
  Philadelphia 82152 HC200321020 Hispanic Association Of Contractors And Enterprises*
  Philadelphia 90182 HC200321025 Intercommunity Action Inc.
  Philadelphia 84546 HC200011016 Nueva Esperanza, Inc.*
  Philadelphia 82758 HC200321031 Pennsylvania Community Real Estate Corp
  Harrisburg 81236 HC200341006 Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency*
  Homestead 80084 HC200011001 The Mon Valley Initiative*
  Greensburg 82463 HC200321042 Westmoreland Community Action
Pennsylvania State Total
Rhode Island
  Providence 81892 HC200321033 The Housing Authority Of The City Of Providence*
Rhode Island State Total
South Carolina
  Charleston 81469 HC200421007 Charleston Trident Urban League
  Greenville 81745 HC200421021 Greenville County Human Relations Commission*
  Barnwell 90167 HC200421040 Southeastern Housing And Community Development*
South Carolina State Total
South Dakota
  Pierre 81249 HC200841003 South Dakota Housing Development Authority
South Dakota State Total
  Rutledge 82934 HC200421011 Clinch-Powell Resource Conservation And Development Council*
  Johnson City 90115 HC200421020 Eastern Eight Community Development Corporation*
  Nashville 82378 HC200441005 Tennessee Housing Development Agency
  Jackson 80293 HC200011002 West Tennessee Legal Services, Inc.*
Tennessee State Total
  Austin 81507 HC200821001 Austin Habitat For Humanity, Inc.
  San Antonio 80999 HC200821004 City Of San Antonio /Neighborhood & Housing Services Dept.
  Houston 83625 HC200821009 Easter Seals Of Greater Houston, Inc.
  Sugar Land 82554 HC200011012 Money Management International, Inc.
  Lubbock 83903 HC200821018 North & East Lubbock Community Development Corporation
  Waco 82519 HC200821025 Waco Community Development
Texas State Total
  Provo 80228 HC200821006 Community Action Services And Food Bank*
  Logan 80561 HC200821024 Utah State University*
Utah State Total
  Rutland 83618 HC200321006 Bennington Rutland Opportunity Council, Inc.*
Vermont State Total
Virgin Islands
  St. Thomas 84878 HC200441006 Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority*
Virgin Islands State Total
  Alexandria 80750 HC200011003 Catholic Charities USA*
  Richmond 82561 HC200341007 Virginia Housing Development Authority*
Virginia State Total
  Seattle 81205 HC200941002 Washington State Housing Finance Commission*
Washington State Total
West Virginia
  Delbarton 80591 HC200321021 Housing Authority Of Mingo County
West Virginia State Total
  Madison 84473 HC200821016 Movin' Out
Wisconsin State Total
* Grantees received preference points for qualified activities within a designated Opportunity Zone.


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