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The Consolidated Plan Management Process (CPMP) tool is updated periodically based upon user suggestions. This page presents a running history of CPMP versions, their release dates, and summaries of the changes made.

Version 2.0

Released March 13, 2006
  • In Projects.xls, Added outcome category and objective category check boxes.

  • Created Projects_ver2.xls, which contains a macro to be used for synchronizing prior version submissions with this new version.

  • New workbook Summaries.xls created.

  • In Summaries.xls, Added Table 1C information--- Summary of Specific Multi-Year Objectives - Align specific homeless and special needs objectives with new outcome measurement framework

  • In Summaries.xls, Added Table 2C information--- Summary of Specific Multi-Year Objectives - Align specific housing and community development objectives with new outcome measurement framework

  • In Summaries.xls, Added Table 3A information--- Summary of Specific Annual Objectives - List specific annual objectives according to new outcome measurement framework

  • New workbook Goals.xls was created.

  • In Goals.xls, added Table 3B information --- Annual Affordable Housing Goals - Table 3B new regulatory Action Plan requirement

  • Unprotected Narrative Word documents (StrategicPlan.doc, AP1.doc, AP2.doc, AP3.doc, AP4.doc, AP5.doc, CAPER1.doc, CAPER2.doc, CAPER3.doc. CAPER4.doc, CAPER5.doc) and removed the fillable fields.

  • In Needs.xls, added Activities to Housing and Community Development Needs tables.

  • In Needs.xls, on the Housing Needs table,changed the Goals fields from calculated fields to static input fields, and changed the name from Cumulative Goals to Multi-Year goals.

  • Created Needs_ver2.xls which contains a macro to migrate data between old and new versions of Needs.xls

  • In 1CPMP.xls, added new links to new documents, Summaries.xls and Goals.xls, added tasks for Step 2, Startegis Pla, Step 3, Action Plan, and Step 4, CAPER, removed links to the program sections for the Strategic Plan, Actrion Plans, and CAPERs.

  • Created 1CPMP_ver2.xls, which contains a macro to migrate data between old and new versions of 1CPMP.xls

Version 1.3

Released November 8, 2004
  • In 1CPMP.xls, on the Grantee Information worksheet, the call-out boxes were deleted.

  • In Needs.xls, on the Housing Needs table.
    • All instances of the word "People" were replaced with "Households".
    • The number of links for purposes of "Quick Tips" has been decreased to simplify the representation of the table.
    • In the Household Income title cells, the numbers were removed and the words "Household Income" were added.
    • Columns titled "Current % of Households" and "Current Number of Households" were unlocked, so that people can paste in the columns from the CPMP sheet they download from the CHAS website (http://socds.huduser.org/scripts/odbic.exe/chas/index.htm). Some guidance on this process was added to the link's "Quick Tip" which displays when the Web Visitor "mouses over" the link.
    • The text of the link to the CHAS data was changed from "Housing Needs" to "Housing Needs - Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy (CHAS) Data Housing Problems".

  • In Needs.xls, on the Non-homeless Needs table, a "Currently Available" column, and a "Gap" column were added.

  • In Needs.xls, on the HOPWA Needs table made miscellaneous layout and format changes for a more consistent look and feel.
    • Modified the order of the Types of Housing Assistance in Table 2 to better mimic the layout in Table 1.

  • In Needs.xls, on the HOPWA Needs table made formatting and logic changes to help pre-fill data into other recurring places in the table.
    • Linked cells from Table 1 to cells in Table 2 to pre-fill some of the data that is entered in Table 1.
    • In the "Number of Households Left in the Project" column, added a formula to subtract "Average Length of Stay (in Weeks)" from "Number of Households Remaining at the end of the Program Year".
    • More space was added for the "Percent Stable" column.
    • Corrected the formulas in the "Subtotal unduplicated number of households/units of housing assisted" row to make sure they were all adding the correct values.
  • In Needs.xls, on the Homeless table. The formula's in the Total Homeless Population (lines 1 + 2a) row of Part 1 was corrected to add only "1. Homeless Individuals" and "2a. Persons in Homeless With Children Families".

  • On 1CPMP.xls and CertLocal.doc, the button and document title was changed from "Local Certifications" to "Non-State Certifications".

Version 1.2

Released August 26, 2004
  • In 1CPMP.xls, on the hidden Links worksheet, removed duplicate cell "U6" (Jurisdiction) from use and re-linked other worksheets and documents to the value in cell "V6".

  • In 1CPMP.xls, on the hidden Links worksheet, added some values to automate CPMP version number changes on all CPMP documents.

  • In 1CPMP.xls, on the CPMP Main Worksheet, added "Help" links pointing to the online User Manual Web pages.

  • In 1CPMP.xls, on the Grantee Info worksheet, added comments so that the field description remains available even after data is entered in the cell.

  • In Projects.xls, on the Project (1) worksheet, fixed a problem with the New Project button.

  • In Projects.xls, replaced the hidden Project worksheet with a copy of the revised Project (1) worksheet.

  • In the Action Plan documents, re-linked the 424 section items so that they will work on different computers and not retain the static path of the developer's machine.

  • In the CAPER documents, re-linked the Jurisdiction from the ConPlan Cover worksheet of 1CPMP.xls.

  • In Needs.xls, housekeeping changes and additions of "Quick Tips" on all spreadsheets.

  • In all documents, added CPMP version number links to the headers and footers as appropriate.

  • In all documents, lengthened fields where more room was needed.

  • In all documents, made various other housekeeping changes.

  • Program Year folders were created for additional files that may be submitted with the CPMP.

Version 1.1

Released August 12, 2004
  • In Projects.xls, in the "Specific Objectives" Drop Down list, the numbering was removed and the word "Homeless" was added to this item: "Increase number of homeless persons moving into permanent housing."

  • In Projects.xls, the Statutory Goals section was changed to be called the "National Objective Codes" section and the source of the Drop Down items was changed to contain the National Objective Codes. The default value was set for "Not applicable".

  • In Projects.xls, the Matrix Code selection items in the Drop Down list were replaced with the list that is on the Community Development Worksheet in Needs.xls.

  • In Projects.xls, removed the section for the High, Medium and Low Needs, and replaced them with a "Priority Need Category" Drop Down field, and a fillable field for an explanation.

  • In Needs.xls, columns were widened to accommodate more characters.

  • In all documents, added CPMP version numbers.

Version 1.0

Released August 2, 2004
  • Original design implemented.

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