Measuring Up: Productivity and Performance in the HOME Program

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Developing affordable housing for low-income Americans has become an increasingly complex and challenging job for the nation's states and local jurisdictions. Funding from the HOME Investment Partnerships Program is a valuable resource for states and local jurisdictions to design and implement housing programs that address local housing needs. The HOME Program provides flexibility to participating jurisdictions, who can choose what types of housing programs and activities are most important to meet the housing needs of their low- and very low-income residents.

With these entitlement funds comes an obligation to see that resources are used wisely and effectively. Measuring Up: Productivity and Performance in the HOME Program provides guidance and technical assistance to HOME Program participating jurisdictions to help them meet this obligation. It provides practical guidance on how to measure the productivity and overall performance of HOME-funded programs. Measuring program productivity and performance generates important information to program managers about how programs are operating, what is working, and what can be improved. In turn, managers can use this information to refine and improve program operations and make informed investment decisions.

Measuring Up is geared to help participating jurisdictions measure program performance and analyze program impact from the local perspective. Participating jurisdictions who use these methods to evaluate their programs are the most likely to succeed in making sound decisions about how to use HOME funds´┐Żand will be able to maximize each HOME dollar to leverage the greatest benefit and impact for their clients and communities.

Content Archived: May 20, 2011