Good Habits of a Highly Effective Rehabilitation Manager

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Historically, housing rehabilitation has been a popular affordable housing initiative. In fact, since the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development first implemented the HOME Investment Partnerships Program over a decade ago, nearly half (over $3 billion) of all HOME project funds committed were dedicated to rehabilitation! Rehabilitation is effective because it often meets the dual objective of stabilizing existing housing units, and the neighborhoods in which they are located; and providing a decent, safe, and sanitary home for a low-income household.

Implementing affordable housing rehabilitation programs, however, can be a complex task because it involves a number of different people and professionals, and an existing structure that might uncover surprises. The HOME Program provides states and local governments the flexibility to design and implement housing rehabilitation programs that address local housing needs. To do this effectively, a rehabilitation manager must understand local housing needs and the housing market, and be able to translate that knowledge into effective housing program design. In addition to this technical expertise, the housing rehabilitation manager must be able to provide leadership to a housing rehabilitation team and its clients, so that they work collaboratively to promote a common mission.

Good Habits of a Highly Effective Rehabilitation Manager provides an array of advice and resources to help managers with this complicated job. It provides practical, "rule-of-thumb" guidance on how to carry out rehabilitation programs in accordance with the industry's best practices and the HOME Program requirements. It directs the reader to more detailed resources where more information in a particular area might be needed. Rehabilitation program managers who heed its advice can be well on their way to managing an excellent housing rehabilitation program.

Content Archived: May 20, 2011