Employer Assisted Housing and the HOME Program

Copies of Model Programs are available through Community Connections (http://www.comcon.org/).

HUD-2019-CPD, May 2000

The HOME Program can be used effectively to support employer-assisted housing (EAH) programs.

This model consists of three chapters, each presenting description and analysis relevant to employers, nonprofit organizations, and HOME participating jurisdictions (PJs) who are considering, designing, or implementing EAH initiatives.

Chapter 1 describes the history of EAH activities and the benefits they can provide employees, employers, and communities.

Chapter 2 suggests possible uses of HOME funds to provide assistance that supports, enhances, or complements the EAH initiatives described in Chapter 1.

Chapter 3 then uses two case studies to discuss the HOME Program rules and other Federal requirements which must be considered when HOME funds are used to support or enhance EAH initiatives.

Content Archived: May 20, 2011