Monitoring HOME Program Performance

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HUD-2030-CPD, October 2000

Monitoring enables PJs to assess HOME Program performance and ensure that all HOME funds are spent in accordance with the laws and regulations governing the HOME Program.

At a minimum, active and ongoing monitoring is critical to ensuring compliance by a PJ- whether the PJ is implementing its HOME-funded activities with its own staff exclusively or utilizing outside subrecipients, state recipients, developers, and/or contractors to do so.

In this model, users will find a suggested monitoring methodology as well as examples of compliance and performance indicators.

Key HOME Program activities aand concepts are emphasized, such as income targeting, the need for written agreements and source documentation, and periods of affordability.

To increase its usefulness, this model provides sample checklists at the end of each chapter to help PJ staff verify program compliance, accurately report program results, and ensure accountability.

By offering a systematic approach and suggested best practices for HOME monitoring, this guidebook will help PJs develop and implement program monitoring that results in meaningful data and information with which to evaluate organizational and project performance.

Content Archived: May 20, 2011