HUD Archives: HOPWA Waiver Request Summaries - 1996


Request Date: 08/02/1996
Grantee: Los Angeles Housing Department
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
Regulation: 24 CFR 574.540
Issue: Grant Period
Waiver of 574.540 three year operating period for city's project based rental assistance programs described in their 1993-5 formula grants and planned in 1996
HUD Action Date: 09/30/1996
Status: Approved for 1993-95 programs if continued good faith efforts are made; not approved for 1996 to refocus to 3 year limit
Request Date: 05/30/1996
Grantee: City of Key West, Jim Nichol
City: Key West
State: FL
Regulation: 24 CFR 574.320(a)(2)
Issue: FMR
Waiver of 574.320(a)(2) rent standards, to allow use of rental units that are higher cost than fair market rent (market rents are approximately 145% of current limits)
HUD Action Date: 06/26/1996
Status: Accepted. Allows an increase of 45% over current FMR based on documentation of comparable private market rents.
Request Date: 05/23/1996
Grantee: MN Dept of Health for Metro Council Housing & Redev. Authority
City: Minneapolis
State: MN
Regulation: 24 CFR 574.310(b)(1)
Issue: Rental Assistance, Section 8
Waiver to request use of rent assistance under area State and local codes for HQS, in order to use the Section 8 HQS standard on a metropolitan-wide basis
HUD Action Date: 06/17/1996
Status: Approved. Consistent with statutory guidelines "to degree practicable" wording
Request Date: 04/09/1996
Grantee: Indiana State Department of Health
City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Regulation: 24 CFR 574.300(b)(4)
Issue: Construction
Waiver of 574.300(b)(4) to allow new construction of single family units, described as duplexes
HUD Action Date: 05/14/1996
Status: 5/14/96 resolved, within statutory authorization of multiunit new construction. If duplex, not single unit, not authorized.

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