HUD Archives: CPD - HIV/AIDS Housing - HOPWA Laws and Regulations - 1998 Waiver Summaries

Request Date: 12/21/1998
Grantee: City of Memphis
City: Memphis
State: TN
Regulation: 24 CFR 574.330(a)(1)
Issue: Short-term Housing
Waiver of 574.330(a)(1) which provides a limit on assistance of a short-term housing resident for not more than 60 days.
HUD Action Date: 01/07/1999
Status: Granted for good cause
Request Date: 09/11/1998
Grantee: County of Santa Cruz
City: Santa Cruz
State: CA
Regulation: 24 CFR 574.320(a)
Issue: FMR
Waiver to provide assistance greater than FMR for HOPWA assisted families who reside in Santa Cruz County.
HUD Action Date: 10/10/1998
Status: Waiver granted and the Grantee may provide a level of assistance as requested similar to that established by the Section 8 conforming rule.
Request Date: 01/23/1998
Grantee: New York City
City: New York City
State: NY
Regulation: 24 CFR 574.540
Issue: Grant Period Extension
Waiver on extension of use of grant funds over 3 year use period. Waiver requested for the city to continue to use up $16 million in unexpended funds. Waiver would allow for ongoing capital development of AIDS Housing through the SRO Loan Program.
HUD Action Date: 04/22/1998
Status: Granted for good cause for the time periods requested.
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