HUD Archives: HOPWA Waiver Request Summaries - 1999

Request Date: 07/07/1999
Grantee: City of New York
City: New York
State: NY
Regulation: 24 CFR 574.400 (, 24 CFR 91.220 ( and 24
Issue: Consolidate Plan Regulations - Scattered Site
Waiver of HOPWA and Consolidated Plan regulations. Waiver to transfer designated HOPWA funds from Scattered Site apartment and Scattered Site Enhancement Programs to the City's Human Resources Administration Division of AIDS Services and Income Support
HUD Action Date: 08/09/1999
Status: Denied. The proposed shift in activities would significantly lessen the amount of housing assistance available for the eligible population of persons with HIV/AIDS. The request runs counter to the statutory purpose of the AIDS Housing Opportunity Act, 42 USC 1290.
Request Date: 03/09/1999
Grantee: City of Denver
City: Denver
State: CO
Regulation: 24 CFR 574.310 (
Issue: Shallow Rent Subsidy
A waiver of 24 CFR 574.310 (, establishing resident rent payment of 30 percent of the family's monthly adjusted income. Under the Denver proposal, HOPWA funds would provide a limited rental subsidy, with the resident paying the balance, which would exceed the 30 percent standard.
HUD Action Date: 05/24/2000
Status: Granted for good cause with the condition that use of the shallow rent subsidy program is limited to the City's Fiscal Years 1999-2002 formula grants. The Department is not adverse to extending this authority to other fiscal year allocations if necessary and upon the request of the City.
Request Date: 02/26/1999
Grantee: Illinois Department of Health
City: State of Illinois
State: IL
Regulation: 24 CFR 574.310 (
Issue: TBRA
Waiver of 574.310 ( to authorize the state to offer tenant-based rental assistance which pays $100 per month to each eligible household rather than a payment based on the HOPWA resident payment requirement.
HUD Action Date: 02/26/1999
Status: Approved 7/15/97. Revisited 2/26/99 and provided for good cause with the condition that this use of designated tenant-based rental assistance funds be limited to the State's Fiscal Year 1997-9 grants at this time.


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