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Del Paso Nuevo

Del Paso Nuevo is one of many Success Stories that have been locally nominated for recognition in celebration of CDBG's 30th Anniversary.

Success Story Details

Grantee: Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency
Field Office: San Francisco (Region 9)
Carried Out By: City of Sacramento
Eligibility: Section 108 Loan
Natl. Objective: Other
CDBG $10.5 million
Other $11.0 million
Total $21.5 million
Date Started: 1998
Date Completed: Phase III in 2004; Ongoing Project
IDIS Activity No: 181
Grantee Contact: Christine Groth Weichert (cgroth@shra.org)
Grantee Website: Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (http://www.shra.org/)

Success Story Description

Photo of two attractive, new houses

Photo of a new housing development

Located just 3.5 miles from downtown Sacramento, Del Paso Nuevo is a 150-acre redevelopment master plan that converts a distressed area into a new neighborhood with home-ownership opportunities. The area, once a thriving country retreat for Sacramento urban dwellers and horse ranchers, was originally developed as large lots for the early settlers. As the city grew, many of the residents moved farther away from the urban core, leaving large parcels with modest housing densities. Many homes turned into rental housing and began to deteriorate, giving way to blight and disrepair.

Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (SHRA), as the lead agency and master developer, managed the funding, community outreach, acquisitions, and ultimately selected a home builder for the project. SHRA began development in 1998 after receiving a Section 108 loan for $10.5 million and a federal Homeownership Zone designation. Partnered with the local Utilities, City Public Works, and Parks Departments, SHRA created homeownership opportunity and eliminated blight in a divers demographic and economic area.

Del Paso Nuevo has made positive contributions to the community and new home-owners with this American dream. The improvements completed to date include: 77 single-family homes, two parks, and a majority of the off-site infrastructure improvements such as curbs, gutters, sidewalks, etc. Ultimately this master plan will assist with the development of a total of 300 parcels for new ownership housing, of which 51 percent are to be affordable to low-income families.

Content Archived: April 20, 2011

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