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Community Development Week

Title screen from the CDBG 30th Anniversary Video

Picture of CPD Assistant Secretary Roy A. Bernardi narrating in the CDBG 30th Annivarsary Video

Picture of the HUD Headquarters Office of Block Grant Assistance

Community Development Week is celebrated by local community development agencies across America during the week of April 12 - 18, 2004. This annual event, initiated by the National Community Development Association (http://www.ncdaonline.org/), is a time for communities to showcase locally, activities and projects assisted with Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds made available by HUD. These CDBG funds are often augmented with various other resources to provide a greater impact on the local communities' housing and community development needs.

CD Week is particularly significant this year because this is the 30th anniversary of the signing into law of the Housing and Community Development Act on August 22, 1974. This Act created the CDBG program which is administered by the Office of Community Planning and Development. After 30 years, the CDBG program continues to be the most flexible and successful Federal program for community development.

Staff in CPD and in the Offices of Public Affairs and Administration have produced a short video in recognition of this 30th anniversary, with narration by Assistant Secretary Roy A. Bernardi. The video, which spotlights the CDBG program, has been distributed to all of CDBG's current grantees for use in celebrating CD Week. It is also available on the CPD pages of the HUD.GOV website.

  • Assistant Secretary Bernardi's Proclamation - Word | PDF

During the summer, the CPD pages will feature local CDBG projects that have been nominated for recognition during our 30th anniversary celebration. CPD is planning a conference for September that will celebrate the success of the CDBG program and will provide local community participants with education and training for performance measurement into the future. Local accountability is key to assure that the successes of the first 30 years will be continued. The CDBG program will continue to support Communities Developing, Building, and Growing. CDBG still delivers!

Content Archived: April 20, 2011

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