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Bayamón, Puerto Rico

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The CDBG Program

CDBG 30th Anniversary Recognition of Excellence

The CDBG Program in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, expanded the options available to promote physical, social and economic development in a community which, during the decades of the 60s, 70s and 80s, was characterized by a rapid population growth and the development of suburban housing but lacking complementary infrastructure, facilities and services.

During past decades, more than $193 million has been invested through CDBG, providing the community a diverse, flexible and effective tool for the development of decent housing and suitable living environments. CDBG footprints can be found all over the municipal territory and the present infrastructure. The improved quality of life that the people of Bayamón enjoy today has been facilitated through the assistance provided, as well as by good planning and administration practices.

Among the outstanding projects developed with CDBG funds is the Bayamón Science Park. With its museums, public areas, recreational and educational facilities, it is visited and enjoyed by the entire population of Bayamón and surrounding communities, particularly children of school age. Investment of CDBG funds in this project totals $9.7 million.

Another project that is a showcase for other communities is Comunidad El Polvorin, where CDBG funds were used for acquisition and relocation of 100 families living in a slum area. Using from from several local and state sources, a new modern community emerged including 117 units housing community named Villas de San Miguel.

We can proudly say that, in Bayamón, the misfortune of poverty has progressively been overcome through the implementation of activities made possible through CDBG.

Content Archived: April 20, 2011

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