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Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center

Photo of the front of the Recreation Center.
Photo of the playground at the Recreation Center.
Photo of the Recreation Center from a distance.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center is one of many Success Stories that have been locally nominated for recognition in celebration of CDBG's 30th Anniversary.

Success Story Details

Grantee: City of Denton
Field Office: Ft. Worth (Region 6)
Carried Out By: City of Denton, Park and Recreation Department
Eligibility: Low/Mod Area
Natl. Objective: Low/Mod Benefit
CDBG $   411,078
Other $1,300,000
Total $1,711,078
Date Started: October 1985
Date Completed: The Center opened February 26, 1988
IDIS Activity No: N/A
Grantee Contact: Barbara Ross (barbara.ross@cityofdenton.com)
Grantee Website: City of Denton (http://www.cityofdenton.com)

Success Story Description

The Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center began as an idea voiced in discussions with Southeast Denton residents who believed that they should have better access to the City's recreational facilities. City leaders agreed and both groups began to seek out funding sources to make this dream a reality.

In 1985, Community Development Block Grant funds had only recently become available. Denton was a brand new entitlement city under the CDBG program. For the next three years, CDBG funds were allocated and expended for architectural design ($87,075), acquisition of land ($123,000), recreational equipment purchases ($137,939), landscaping and irrigation ($18,382) for the Center.

Construction of the MLK Jr. Recreation Center was funded through the City's Capital Improvement Program supporting construction of public facilities. However, over the years, additional CDBG funds have been targeted to improve the Center. In 1993, a playground was built on the property and staff is currently working to install security lighting to create a safer environment for MLK Jr. Recreation Center patrons.

Over the years, the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center has provided a place for neighborhood meetings, after school programs, summer playground programs, public hearings, basketball tournaments and community celebrations. The Center provides an anchor for the more than 700 households in the neighborhood.

Since, the completion of the Center, the approximately 3,000 neighborhood residents in Southeast Denton have worked with the City to ensure that the rules governing the facility support use by neighborhood residents. The MLK Jr. Recreational Center will continue to provide these opportunities to residents for years to come.

Content Archived: April 20, 2011

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