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Public Health

Photo of a young lady receiving services at the Health Clinic.

Public Health is one of many Success Stories that have been locally nominated for recognition in celebration of CDBG's 30th Anniversary.

Success Story Details

Grantee: City of Garland
Field Office: Ft. Worth (Region 6)
Carried Out By: City of Garland
Eligibility: 570.201(c) Public Facility
Natl. Objective: Benefit Low to Moderate (LMC)
CDBG $  67,000
Other $  75,000
Total $142,000
Date Started: October 26, 2002
Date Completed: August 27, 2003
IDIS Activity No: 502
Grantee Contact: Denish Wilson-Owens (dwilson@ci.garland.tx.us)
Grantee Website: City of Garland (http://www.ci.garland.tx.us)

Success Story Description

This activity provided funding for the acquisition of a pre-fab Health Clinic. This clinic is located in a low to moderate income area, census tract 182.04 and provides services to children and senior citizens living in the Garland municipality. Some of the services available are education and outreach programs, well-baby exams, tuberculosis and blood lead screening, communicable disease control and a variety of public health services. During the fiscal year 443 persons were assisted.

Content Archived: April 20, 2011

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