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Swimming Pool and Covered Basketball Court

Photo of the swimming pool

Photo of a covered basketball court

Swimming Pool and Covered Basketball Court is one of many Success Stories that have been locally nominated for recognition in celebration of CDBG's 30th Anniversary.

Success Story Details

Grantee: City of Port Arthur, Texas
Field Office: Fort Worth (Region 6)
Carried Out By: City of Port Arthur
Eligibility: 570.703(a)(f) & 570.201(c)
Natl. Objective: Low/Moderate area
CDBG $627,000
Other $0
Total $627,000
Date Started: 1993
Date Completed: 1994
IDIS Activity No: N/A
Grantee Contact: Mary E. Essex (portarthurgrants@yahoo.com)
Grantee Website: City of Port Arthur (http://www.portarthur.net)

Success Story Description

In 1993, the City of Port Arthur received a Section 108 Loan in the amount of $564,000 to finance the construction and land acquisition of a new Olympic-size swimming pool with a bathhouse. The pool and bathhouse were completed in 1994 and is located on approximately 1 acre of land on West Thomas Boulevard in census tract 59. In 1993, seventy percent (70%) of the people living in census tract 59 were defined as low to moderate based on 1990 census. However, the 2000 census has increased the number of low to moderate income living in census tract 59 to eighty-three percent (83%).

The same year, $63,000 of Community Development Block Grant funds was used to build two covered basketball courts one being built next to the swimming pool and the other court being located on the East Side of the city.

The pool and the basketball court are within walking distance of three low-income apartment sites, an elementary school, a ninth grade school and several churches.

The basketball court and the swimming pool have been a tremendous asset to not only the West Side of the city but also the entire community.

Content Archived: April 20, 2011

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