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Entering Data on the Direct Benefit (MA05) Screen

This screen must be completed for all direct benefit activities: those activities having a national objective of LMC, LMCMC, LMCSV, LMH, LMHSP, LMJ, LMJFI, or LMJP. The data on this screen should reflect the total number of persons or households benefitting from an activity since its inception. Whereas the MA04 screen asks for annual accomplishment data, the Direct Benefit screen and all other screens requesting accomplishment data require cumulative figures. It is recommended that grantees update data on this screen as accomplishments are achieved or quarterly, at a minimum. However, grantees are required to report accomplishments at the completion of an activity and/or the end of their program year, whichever occurs first.

COUNTS BY HOUSEHOLDS OR PERSONS? (H/P): Enter "H" or "P" depending on the national objective of the activity. For activities having LMC, LMCMC, LMCSV, LMJ, LMJFI, or LMJP as a national objective, enter "P." For activities with a LMH or LMHSP national objective enter "H."

TOTAL NUMBER BENEFITTING FROM ACTIVITY: For an activity having LMC, LMCMC, LMCSV, LMJ, LMJFI, or LMJP as a national objective, enter the total number of persons benefitting from that activity. For an activity having a LMH or LMHSP national objective, enter the total number of households benefitting from that activity.
Regardless of the number of persons in a household, it is counted as one household.


Enter the number of persons or households served according to the above race/ethnicity groups. One race/ethnicity group must be selected for each person or household served. In the future, the above categories may be expanded to include multi-racial designations; however, until then, one of the above categories must be selected.

TOTAL: Automatically calculated from the above race/ethnicity group counts. This number should equal the TOTAL NUMBER BENEFITTING FROM ACTIVITY.

NUMBER OF FEMALE-HEADED HOUSEHOLDS: Enter the number of households benefiting from this activity that are headed by females.


On this screen, grantees are asked if an activity meeting the limited clientele national objective is qualifying based on Presumed Benefit or the Nature/Location of the activity. Enter a Y after PRESUMED BENEFIT if the activity benefits a clientele who are generally presumed to be principally low- and moderate-income persons. Activities that exclusively serve a group of persons in any one or a combination of the following categories may be presumed to benefit persons, 51 percent of whom are low and moderate income: abused children, battered spouses, elderly persons, adults meeting the Bureau of the Census' Current Population Reports definition of "severely disabled, " homeless persons, illiterate adults, persons living with AIDS, and migrant farm workers.

On the MA05, report the total number of persons benefitting from the activity and the breakdown by race/ethnicity. On the MC02, the TOTAL BENEFICIARIES number is carried forward; enter this number as the TOTAL LOW/MOD BENEFICIARIES. No further breakdown by low/extremely low beneficiaries is required.

Enter a Y after NATURE/LOCATION if the activity is of such a nature and is in such a location, that it may be concluded that the activity's clientele will primarily be low- and moderate-income persons. An example of such an activity would be a child care center serving a public housing complex. If Y is entered, provide a narrative on the Nature/Location (MA06) screen.

An activity cannot have a Y for both PRESUMED BENEFIT and NATURE/LOCATION because an activity can qualify under only one criteria.

Presumed Benefit and Nature/Location may not be used for activities with a national objective of LMA, LMH, and LMJ.

Content Archived: April 29, 2011

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