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Entering Data on the CDBG Completion Multi-unit Activity (Mc05) Screen

On this screen, provide information on the actual units completed for a multi-unit housing activity. It is not necessary to use this screen single-unit housing activities. Report cumulative accomplishment data on this screen; the data should reflect the accomplishments achieved since the inception of the activity. It is recommended that grantees update accomplishments as they occur or quarterly, at a minimum. However, grantees are required to report accomplishments at the completion of an activity and/or the end of their program year, whichever occurs first.

TOTAL UNITS AT COMPLETION: Enter the total number of housing units at the completion of the activity.

OCCUPIED UNITS AT COMPLETION: Enter the number of units occupied at the completion of the activity.

UNITS OCCUPIED BY LOW/MOD AT COMPLETION: Enter the number of units that are occupied by low- and moderate-income persons at the completion of this activity.

PERCENT LOW/MOD UNITS AT COMPLETION: Calculated automatically.

ACTUAL CDBG COST: The total amount of CDBG dollars drawn down for this activity carried forward from the drawdown table.

OTHER: Enter the amount of non-CDBG funds that have been expended on the activity.

PERCENT CDBG: Calculated automatically.

Content Archived: April 29, 2011

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