HMIS - Local Implementation

HMIS implementation presents communities with an opportunity to re-examine how homeless services are provided in their community, and to make informed decisions, and develop appropriate action steps. The implementation of an HMIS will allow community stakeholders to build new alliances, to strengthen services, meet consumer needs in a more streamlined manner, and obtain information to guide future planning. However, the implementation of HMIS systems varies from community to community. View examples of local implementation covering the community planning process, software selection and implementation.

Local HMIS Planning Reports

What Works in Partnership Building for HMIS: A Guide for the Los Angeles/Orange County Collaborative was written to identify successful models for collaboration on information technology. The guide reviews HMIS collaboration and implementation in six communities: Washington, D.C., San Diego, Kansas City metropolitan area, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin.

Some communities have detailed descriptions of how they planned for and implemented HMIS systems. Here are a few examples of how local communities did it:


Content Archived: March 25, 2011