Request to CDBG Grantees

This request is in addition to our major effort to enter data for the new Performance Measurement system for Federal Fiscal year 2007 but will be important for that effort on a complementary basis. At the end of each Federal fiscal year, HUD reports information on the accomplishments achieved using CDBG funds in its Annual Performance Report. This report uses the accomplishments reported by grantees in IDIS to measure the success of the CDBG program in achieving its goals. This information is analyzed by the Office of Management and Budget and Congress and is an important consideration in future funding of the program.

As you can see from the below comparison through the end of the third quarter [June 30, 2007] things are not going well so far this year. One of the reasons may be that HUD is eliminating some data that was clearly entered in error.

  2007 2006
Owner-occupied 51,607 (46%) 71,521 (62%)
Rental 13,924 (44%) 23,015 (103%)
Homeownership 2,728 (40%) 7,644 (67%)
Jobs 24,351 (32%) 34,310 (47%)
(%�s are of the total goal for the category each year)

This is a reminder to each of our grantees that it is critical that you report all accomplishments for each of your activities for which you have accomplishments to report. While some activities will not have accomplishments for the current fiscal year, most will. The CDBG program needs complete and accurate reporting from all grantees. CDBG grantees are urged to enter all available accomplishment data for the period October 1, 2006 through September 30, 2007.... Before October 1, 2007. We fully understand that for some grantees this time frame does not fit well with their reporting schedule. October 1 grantees have 90 days to complete their end of year reporting so October grantees data from last year will be counted this year, similarly, August 1 and September 1 grantees may not have completed their end of year reporting, and other grantees reporting quarterly may not normally obtain monthly reports from subrecipients until after September 30, 2006. However, recognizing these circumstances, every grantee should make an effort to update their accomplishment data in light of this schedule. It is of primary importance that all data be entered and entered correctly so that the accomplishments of the CDBG program will not be undercounted and will accurately reflect the achievements of the program during federal fiscal year 2007. Grantees do a great job and we need your help to capture the data to reflect your work.

Content Archived: May 25, 2011