HUD HOC Reference Guide

Lender Transfers

Chapter 2
Mortgage and Credit Guidelines
Page 2-17

The transferring lender must make the transfer electronically utilizing FHA Connection. Only if extenuating circumstances exist, will HUD endorsement technicians transfer a case number to a new lender. In those instances, an assignment letter must be sent to the attention of an endorsement technician in the HUD Homeownership Center (HOC) to make the necessary changes in CHUMS, noting that this is an exception and stating the reason why the lender is unable to affect the transfer themselves.

If a lender will not transfer a case number, but the borrower wants to work with a new lender, the new lender should:

  1. Send the letter to the HOC specifically outlining the steps they have taken to accomplish the transfer;
  2. List what fees (if any) the original lender has requested;
  3. Provide a resolution to that request for payment for services, along with a letter signed by the borrower stating they want to work with the new lender.

If your borrower has requested a transfer in writing, the lender must comply with their request as outlined in HUD Handbook 4155.2, Section 1.D . No separate charge(s) to the borrower are authorized for the transfer of case numbers.

If the transferring lender is uncooperative, prior to contacting HUD, your Branch Manager should attempt to resolve the situation.

Please see: HUD Handbook 4155.2, Section 1.D for additional information regarding transfers of case numbers, appraisals and Master Appraisal Reports (MAR).

Content Archived: November 5, 2012