Capacity Building - Categorical Grants


The purpose of ROSS Capacity Building (CB) grants is to provide technical assistance and training activities to establish and/or strengthen the organizational capacity for site-based resident organizations to conduct management activities or administer welfare-to-work programs.

Funds from CB grants may be used for activities such as:

  • Training resident council board members in community organizing, development, and leadership.
  • Assisting in the creation of a resident management corporation (RMC).
  • Developing the management capabilities of existing resident organizations.


Available Funding: N/A
Application Due Date: N/A
Recipients: Intermediary Resident Organizations (IROs), tribes/TDHEs on behalf of tribal housing residents, tribal ROs, tribal RMCs, and non-profits which operate associations and networks that administer programs benefiting resident organizations
Application Information: N/A
Fund Assignments: FY 2002 Grantees
FY 2001 Capacity Building Grantees


Content Archived: May 8, 2019