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What is NGMS?

The Next Generation Management System (NGMS) is a business-driven investment whose aim is to enhance HUD's affordable housing (AH) program management, improve end user satisfaction, streamline complex business processes, and integrate disparate Information Technology (IT) systems into a common, modernized platform.

NGMS seeks to incorporate the functionality of the Office of Public and Indian Housing's IT systems such as: the Inventory Management System/PIH Information Center (IMS/PIC), Voucher Management System (VMS), Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System, and other key internal systems supporting Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) programs. The NGMS supports the core business functions of both the Housing Choice Voucher and Public Housing programs.

NGMS Modules Overview

Portfolio and Risk Management Tool

The Portfolio and Risk Management Tool (PRMT) integrates data from various HUD IT systems into user friendly "dashboards" that enhance HUD's ability to analyze trends, make better projections, more easily identify issues, and increases HUD's efficiency and effectiveness in utilizing appropriated funds. PRMT supports HUD's goal of achieving a standard of operational excellence, while also supporting HUD's ability to meet HUD's mission of creating strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality, affordable homes for all.

Budget Formulation & Forecasting (BFF)

The Budget Formulation and Forecasting (BFF) module provides improved budget forecasting, data aggregation and financial data management that enables HUD to better analyze trends, plan expenditures, coordinate and manage costs, and more efficiently allocate resources throughout the year for the PIH Housing Choice Voucher Program. BFF also improves HUD's ability to more effectively support families receiving direct cash assistance to obtain safe, decent, and affordable housing.

Key Benefits of NGMS

Automate and integrate financial and programmatic information from many sources providing a "one stop shop" for all program monitoring needs, helping you to be more responsive to partners, stakeholders, and families.

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Be an easy to read, easy to share data system creating new opportunities for collaboration with stakeholders.

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Build trust through use of identical data, presented in a standardized format.

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Be there when people need answers—fast! A robust, integrated system that creates operational excellence giving you the answers you need to exceed expectations.

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The Impact of NGMS

NGMS helps to improve the department's ability to accurately measure program effectiveness and justify the agency's budget formulations and requests. By integrating our core business processes, HUD streamlines business operations and maximizes the investment with shared solutions and standardized technology.

NGMS Cloud Message

Pictured above: NGMS word cloud, compiled from dozens of words suggested by NGMS stakeholders. (March 2014)


[NGMS Regional workshop participants learning more about NGMS in Houston, TX] [An NGMS Coach shares tips on navigating the Portfolio and Risk Management System (PRMT) with a public housing employee in the San Antonio, TX Field Office Photo Credit: Tomas M. Romero] [Robust conversation with stakeholders at regional workshop and focus group] [NGMS is a beneficial and useful tool, creating a platform for stronger partnerships and greater transparency]


Content Archived: April 18, 2019