NOVEMBER 16th, 2017
Washington, DC

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Thank you for that kind introduction. It's a pleasure to join you for our own HUD kickoff of the 2017 Combined Federal Campaign on this special "show some love" day!

I want to acknowledge and thank the entire campaign team at HUD. You are the heart and spirit of this effort! Your enthusiastic grassroots outreach connects employees and CFC charities to wonderful opportunities to serve others.

It is a privilege to serve as the Honorary Chairperson of this year's Combined Federal Campaign-the world's largest annual workplace charity drive.

CFC is a great vehicle for the love and goodwill I see every day from the whole HUD team, and across so many federal agencies.

I know that everyone here came to government to take part in its great mission to advance the wellbeing of their countrymen.

As important as our mission is, and as joyfully as we embrace it, we cannot forget that private charity is the first foundation of social improvement in America.

According to Giving USA, an organization which tracks philanthropy in the United States, last year American individuals, estates, foundations, and corporations contributed about $390 billion to charitable causes.

It is clear that no government program replaces the generous heart of the American people.

And so we give of ourselves. Not merely in our careers, but in our personal action. In our donations, and in our volunteering.

Through your compassionate outreach, you help these programs to provide important services … services in medicine and health care, in education and culture, to help pets and other animals, and to protect the natural environment.  You see the results at food banks and homeless shelters, through the work of non-profits, and hundreds of community organizations.

We do this to set an example to each other and our neighbors whom we serve.

But most importantly, we do it for its own sake. For though the saying is old, it is no less true: generosity is its own reward.

This year, we have several new features and tools to make it easier than ever for you to reach your campaign goals.

There is a new, streamlined web-based giving portal for increased efficiency.

For expanded charity access to more potential donors, retirees can now donate to CFC charities through their annuities.

And for added participation opportunities, you can volunteer your time to charities through CFC.

This year's theme is once again to "Show Some Love" to our fellow Americans through these great institutions.

So whether we march our dimes or race for a cure; form a corps for peace, an army for salvation, or support our own military veterans and their families; whether we protect the young, care for the elderly, or promote the sanctity of every human life-there are organizations which can use our help for a thousand good causes.

I encourage everyone at HUD to consider finding one close to their heart, and giving what they can to make our country, and the world, a better place.

Thank you.


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