Statement by HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan on Introduction of the Rental Housing Revitalization Act

December 3, 2010

(Washington, DC) - On December 1, Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison introduced the Rental Housing Revitalization Act (H.R. 6468), ( a proposal designed to restore the country's deteriorating public housing infrastructure, simplify rental assistance programs, and provide greater choice to renters. The proposal would leverage $25 billion in private funding to make much-needed repairs and renovation to the public's affordable housing stock and create more than 300,000 new jobs in communities across the country.

The Rental Housing Revitalization Act builds on and refines an earlier proposal by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which was designed to allow local agencies to access financing and management tools currently used by many of the nation's affordable housing owners.

The following is a statement by HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan:

"I would like to thank Congressman Ellison for taking this important step toward preserving and revitalizing America's public housing stock. The Rental Housing Revitalization Act is an historic opportunity for the housing community, and represents the kind of far-reaching change for which many have spent decades fighting.

"This bill represents the ideas of key stakeholders from diverse communities who share a commitment to preserving the nation's inventory of affordable rental housing and improving the way the system serves families for generations to come. We are excited to work with Congressman Ellison and his colleagues in the House and Senate -- and continuing to work with our coalition of housing stakeholders -- to move this proposal forward."


Content Archived: February 23, 2017