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Statement from HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan on
The U.S. Senate Immigration Reform Bill Vote

June 27, 2013

WASHINGTON - U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan issued the following statement today on the historic U.S. Senate Immigration Reform Bill vote:

"Today's bipartisan Senate vote represents an important step toward fixing our broken immigration system. The bill is largely consistent with the principles laid by President Obama, including continuing to strengthen security at our borders and modernizing the legal immigration system so that, as we train American workers for the jobs of tomorrow, we're also attracting the highly skilled entrepreneurs and skilled labor who grow our economy for everyone.

"This bipartisan bill will reduce the deficit, grow the economy, create a path to earned citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants, and it will also have enormous implications for our recovering housing market. And the nation's Hispanic real estate leaders estimate that it would create a new pool of 3 million homeowners and pump more than $500 billion in sales, income and spending into the U.S. housing economy.

"I am the son of an immigrant and I understand the struggles that many of these families and individuals are going through. This vote was the right thing to do for the future of our economy, for families and for entire communities."


Content Archived: February 24, 2017