Secretary Martinez's Thoughts...

...on homelessness.

"Solving the challenge of homelessness demands more than simply moving individuals off the street and into shelters; it requires investing in permanent solutions that decrease the number of homeless men and women."

"The Bush Administration is dedicated to serving homeless individuals and finding them homes, and HUD is proud to be leading the effort. Working with our faith-based partners and other community organizations, we shine a light to those who have perhaps lost their way - and have a profound impact in the lives of homeless men and women."

"HUD is undertaking a major initiative dedicated to helping homeless Americans get the care and shelter they need. I have issued a challenge that we end chronic homelessness within the next ten years."

...on affordable housing.

"While homeownership is an important goal, it is not necessarily an option for everyone. Many low-income Americans, for example, do not have the financial resources to purchase homes of their own. The Bush Administration is working to meet another central challenge for precisely this reason - namely, helping families who rent, either out of necessity or by choice, find affordable and decent housing. A number of the HUD's programs are dedicated to expanding affordable rental housing opportunities and ensuring quality and options for residents."

"Helping families find affordable and decent housing has always been one of HUD's core missions."

"At HUD, we are in the business of helping individuals and families find affordable, decent homes and achieve the American dream, however they define it for themselves."

...on self-sufficiency.

"As we work together, let us recognize that solutions dictated by government will not work on their own. Instead, we must strive to expand self-sufficiency for individuals, strengthen families, and empower communities to shape their own futures and their own destinies."

"I challenge you to work with us in creating bold strategies that will lead individuals to self-sufficiency. It contradicts the idea of Christian service to others to provide only the minimum daily requirements, ultimately ensuring that individuals are forced to return to our care day after day. We best serve those in need by providing them with appropriate care and with tools that move them toward independence."

"The people of HUD know that the American Dream is not some unattainable goal, because we see it achieved every day, so often by families who never imagined owning their own home or reaching economic self-sufficiency."

"HUD's mission - to help families find affordable and decent housing - has not changed since this agency was created 37 years ago. Nor will it change in the Administration of President George W. Bush. But in carrying out our mission, I want us to reach higher. I want our dreams to be bigger. And there is no reason why they should not be."

...on homeownership.

"The Department of Housing and Urban Development touches families in many ways, but President Bush and I are convinced that HUD can best reach out to families by helping more of them become homeowners. Homeownership provides stability for children. It generates wealth for families. It promotes strong neighborhoods by creating community stakeholders who coach the local baseball team, work in their schools, and join neighborhood crime prevention groups."

"Expanding homeownership is a national priority, and with good reason. In areas where homeownership flourishes, neighborhoods are more stable, residents are more civic-minded, schools are better, and crime rates decline. Homeownership generates wealth for families and provides stability for children. Homeownership is the American Dream."

"In a nation that celebrates equality of opportunity, homeownership is one of the greatest equalizers of all. President Bush and HUD are working hard to increase homeownership among all Americans."

"During the past year, HUD has made expanding homeownership - especially among minority families - a top priority. We are actively promoting the benefits of homeownership whenever and wherever we can. From wealth creation to family stability, homeownership helps build strong communities."


Content Archived: January 20, 2009