Highlights from HUD's FY 2002 Performance and Accountability Report

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Table of Contents

I.  Management Discussion and Analysis
The Secretary's Message
Overview of the Performance and Accountability Report
Major Program Areas
HUD's FY 2002 Strategic Framework: Mission, Vision,
    Strategic Goals and Objectives
Performance Highlights by Strategic Goals
President's Management Agenda
Financial Managment Accountability
Analysis of Financial Conditions and Results

II.  Performance Information

Performance Overview
1. Increase the Availability of Decent, Safe, and Affordable
    Housing in American Communities
2. Ensure Equal Opportunity in Housing for All Americans
3. Promote Housing Stability, Self-Sufficiency and Asset Development     of Families and Individuals
4. Improve Community Quality of Life and Economic Vitality
5. Ensure Public Trust in HUD

III. Financial Information

The Chief Financial Officer's Message
Financial Statements
Notes to Financial Statements
Consolidating Financial Statements (by Major Program Area)
Required Supplementary Stewardship Information (Unaudited)
    Investment in Non-Federal Physical Property
    Investment in Human Capital
    Investment in Research and Development
Required Supplementary Information (Unaudited)
    Intra-Governmental Balances
Independent Auditor's Report on the Financial Statements
Management and Performance Challenges and Progress
Inspector General's Summary of Serious Management Challenges

Systems Not In Compliance with the Federal Financial Management
    System Requirements
Glossary of Acronyms
Role of Program Evaluations and Research Studies in Assessing Program Performance


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