HUD's Web Awards

An appendix to the 2002 State of the Web Report

HUD's Homes and Communities Web Site

What is it? HUD's web site is a clearinghouse of information and services about homes and communities, organized in ways that are meaningful to citizens and to HUD's current and future business partners. It goes way beyond HUD's boundaries, offering links to information and services from other Federal agencies, HUD partners, and more.

Awards and Recognition


  • Ranked 4th by Brown University: Brown University ranked HUD's Homes and Communities Site 4th of 58 federal web sites reviewed in its annual E-Gov Report, issued September 2001. The review evaluated the level of services that federal and state agencies offer via the web, finding that HUD's site is among the best! (
  • Clips:
    • Kelsey Stuart cited HUD's web site as an example of "customer-centric service" in his article, "The Big Switch to Customer Service," in the E-Gov 2001 Preview Journal (May 2001). "Now That's Customer-Centric!" spotlights HUD's "At Your Service" section
    • National Journal (December 8) cited HUD's web page among recommended housing web sites. "Going to the Housing and Urban Development Department's Web site is like opening a triple-decker box of crayons-it's surprisingly aesthetic, and full of more choices than one person could ever hope to useďż˝Take advantage of the 'Information for' option on the home page: HUD does an excellent job of indexing its overwhelming Web site for easy use by 24 different user groups."


  • E-Citizen Services Award: HUD was very proud to receive the first "E-Citizen Services Award" for Federal agencies, presented by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Accenture (July 2000). This award, now called the "Digital Government Award," recognizes web sites that are most innovative in using the web to serve citizens. MIT professor Dan Greenwood said of HUD's site: "they really knew why people are going to their site and designed it for them." (
  • USA Today Hot Site: HUD's "homebuyers kit" is a permanent fixture among USA Today's collection of "useful sites." They say, "If you're in the market for a new home and wonder about your legal rights, the size of mortgage you can afford and how to choose an agent, this homebuyer's kit provides answers. A comprehensive package from the folks at the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development." (
  • Clips:
    • The Public Strategies Group praised HUD's web site as, "A pioneer among federal agencies in how to put useful information in the hands of customers and stakeholders," in their Fall, 2000 review of HUD. (
    • HUD's web site was among "10 Sites to Watch: 10 unheralded but innovative web sites that pave the way to digital government," the cover article of Federal Computer Week, April 24, 2000. (
    • Jeff Bolletino, Vice President at Booz-Allen & Hamilton focused on HUD's online chat rooms as an example of ways that government agencies can use the web to "listen" to their audiences, in his column in the E-Gov Journal. (May 2000)


  • Hammer Award: HUD received a Hammer Award, presented by the National Partnership for Reinventing Government, for developing webcasting as a means for improving service to the public.
  • Clips:
    • In its August 1999 report on "Governments Using Technology to Serve the Citizen," the Intergovernmental Advisory Board and GSA's Office of Governmentwide Policy, called HUD's web site, " excellent example of how to exploit the web to serve citizens." (
    • "Kids Next Door," the section of HUD's web site designed to help teach children ages 5-12 to become good citizens, was recognized by TeacherNet (sponsored by Highlights for Children magazine)


  • Best Feds on the Web: For the second year in a row, HUD's web site was named one of the 15 "Best Feds on the Web" by Government Executive Magazine. Sites were selected for providing excellent customer service, using the web to improve business, and making use of new technologies. (
  • Dow Jones "Select Site:" The Dow Jones Directory picked HUD's web page as a "select site" for its business opportunities. (4/2/98)
  • Clips:
    • In its May 1998 cover story, "The Wonder Years," Government Executive Magazine calls HUD's site one of the "leaders of the pack." Gary Bass, of OMB Watch, says that HUD's web site is "one of the federal government's web's one of the most innovative sites around." (


  • Best Feds on the Web: HUD's web site was named one of the 10 "Best Feds on the Web" by Government Executive Magazine, in its first review of federal web sites. (
  • Snap Online "Best of the Web:" Snap Online, a directory of web sites, picked HUD's site as "best of the web" in its "communities" category (10/31/97).


  • Yahoo and USA Today Hot Site: On May 14, 1996, HUD's web site received its first award when it was selected as one of Yahoo's "Picks of the Day." Yahoo is the world's largest directory of web sites. USA Today named HUD's site a "Hot Site" on May 15, 1996. Both Yahoo and USA Today typically pick three to five sites each day to highlight out of the hundreds of thousands of sites to choose from on the web.

HUD's Intranet (Hud@work)

What is it? hud@work is an internal web site, available only to HUD employees. Virtually every employee uses hud@work every day to find out what's going on in the Department, to get information and services about their jobs, and to access systems they need to do their work.

Awards and Recognition

  • Top 50 Intranets: HUD's intranet was cited by CIO Magazine as one of the top 50 intranets in the country in 1997 and 1998. (
  • Clips:
    • HUD's intranet was featured in a Government Computer News article: "Intranets link far-flung offices, hike productivity." (
    • Washington Technology Online showcased HUD as an example of progressive use of federal Intranets. (

HUD's Kiosks

What are they? 106 touch-screen kiosks are located in public places throughout the country, offering basic information about HUD programs and services. HUD's kiosks are aimed at bringing HUD to citizens and making HUD's services available to those who might not seek them.

Awards and Recognition

  • Excellence in Government Award: HUD's kiosks received one of 5 Excellence in Government Awards in February 2001.
  • "2000 Award:" The Center for Excellence in Information Technology presented HUD's kiosks with their "2000 Award".
  • Innovations in American Government Semi-Finalist: HUD's kiosk project was a Semi-finalist for Harvard's 2000 Innovation In American Government Awards. (
  • Pioneer Award: In 1999, HUD's kiosks received the E-Gov "Pioneer Award."
  • Hammer Award: The National Partnership for Reinventing Government honored the kiosks with the Hammer Award in May 1998
  • Clips:
    • The kiosks were featured in the New York Times article, "Emergency Housing In A Hurry," Nov. 5, 1998. (

Web Clinics for HUD Partners

What are they? HUD's Web Clinics teach HUD Partners (grantees, nonprofits, faith-based groups, PHAs, state and local governments, and other community organizations) how to create web sites that deliver the services HUD funds.

Awards and Recognition

  • Trailblazer Award: HUD's Web Clinics received the E-Government Trailblazer Award in July 2001. (
  • Clips:
    • The web clinics were featured in an article on Inman.Com's "Real Estate News" in August 2000. (


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